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Requirements: ExtDB3
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 7.0.2

Date: 2018-04-28 08:36

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RPFramework team

RPFramework is by no means a mission that you can start playing on with your friends. RPFramework is an actual framework that you can build your own mission or mod on. RPFramework consists of a server sided addon that your server needs to run, a mission and a pack of addons that your players need to have. These addons are a requirement due to RPFramework using Arma 3's own inventory system.

The idea behind RPFramework is to resolve the issue of people constantly using missions that aren't meant to be used the way they are using them and that is why RPFramework is released under MIT License . This allows users to do anything they feel like doing with the framework and it frees users from the worry of having permission to modify it or monetize it.

RPFramework's main feature is its modular structure that makes it easy for people to install and uninstall modules that can add features to their framework. Modules can be released by anyone and then the user of RPFramework can install the module into their framework. RPFramework ships with some default modules that make the mission somewhat playable and most importantly show possible module creators how modules work with RPFramework.

So why should you hop on board with the modular approach to this framework? This modular approach isn't a good approach for a normal mission but for a framework it has been proven effective. Think of Arma 3 as a framework and mods as modules; modules can be easily enabled and disabled by the user and, of course, installed easily without messing with the core files of the game. If you understood the example you might already think it's a good approach for this framework as proven by Arma. In RPFramework installing modules isn't as easy as in Arma 3, but it gets pretty close. I have seen the attempts of modifying other missions that people have tried to use as a framework and it gets really messy, but this way you keep your modules and original files from the core separated and independent.

For a good example, RPFramework ships with a default module that adds in a simple medical and revive system where players that receive enough damage will go unconscious and have to be revived by a medic. This module can be kept enabled for a limited experience of realism or you could disable it and write your own or just modify it to suit your needs. Disabling a module like this can also let you use an external medical system. You can read more about modules on RPFramework's Github and

  • Core features:
      - ExtDB3 saving for player stats
      - Money system and bank accounts
      - Each vehicle has a key that's saved in the database
      - Police actions like restraining, escorting, pulling out of vehicles, searching, going on and out of duty
      - Interaction menu system with subcategories
      - Misc functions that might be needed for modules
      - A bunch of Arma 3 inventory items
      - Hunger & Thrist
      - HUD
      - Trunk for physical items like fishing nets and furniture (Fully dynamic)
      - Hotkeys
      - A bunch of utility functions
  • Modules:
      - Fishing with a fishing net
      - Medical system: Medics can revive players
      - Example module that demonstrates the structure of modules
      - Farming: Plant and harvest plants
      - Meth lab: Make meth
      - Shop system that has "physical" shops for vehicles and furniture (You go up to a vehicle that is for sale and you can buy it) and virtual shops for items, magazines, weapons and clothes
      - Taser
      - Ticketing for police
      - Jail: Arresting people and a jail system with dynamic cells
      - Delivery system
      - Phone: Texting other players
      - PlayerNames: Setting player's names and seeing them above their heads
      - Police database for setting players wanted and adding prior crimes to their name
      - Dispatch where one player can be the dispatch and make new tasks and dispatch units to those tasks
      - Garage system for storing player's vehicles
      - ATM module: Send money to offline players via bank accounts
      - Licenses module
      - Housing with storage

Instructions for installing the framework, modifying the framework, porting the framework for other maps, making modules and installing modules can be found from the package in a file called or on Github.

RPFramework is licensed under MIT License and you can find the license in a file called LICENSE.txt shipped with RPFramework. I do not feel like usage of this should be restricted in any ways nor I want any money and fame for doing this. This license allows you to monetize the framework as you wish.

Changelog on GitHub

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