4 new videos
General have released 4 new very good video's about Armed Assault.

The first one shows a mission quickly made in the editor by Mr Burns of some West units clearing a forrest of enemy troops.

Forrest fight
Size : 225 Mb

The next one, mission and movie both made by Mr Burns aswell, shows a mission playable in SP and MP.
And it seems to be a difficult one.

Assault on Parato
Size : 82.1 Mb
View this movie streaming.

And additionally Mr Burns made 2 movies showing everyone flying a chopper can be done with some practise. The author, Mr Burns has just 1 flighthour behind his name.

The first chopper movie shows him attacking a convoy.

AH-1 Attack
Size : 99.2 Mb

The second chopper movie is more of a roundflight over Rahmadi, the desert island for Armed Assault.

UH-60 Rahmadi
Size : 93.2 Mb

You can download them from our video section PART II.

Written on 2006-11-25 01:02 by Foxhound  

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