Eden Objects by Kydoimos
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Kydoimos submitted an updated version of his Eden Objects addon for Arma 3.

    Quote :
    Eden Objects is a concise collection of highly-detailed models for Arma 3, created to celebrate the release of the new 3D editor.

    Each item has been fully localized and comes with all the relevant LODs (levels of detail). Some have been assigned hiddenSelections too, allowing you to add new textures via the setObjectTexture command; a number of PSD files have also been included and can be found inside the download folder. If you cannot access Photoshop, I recommend downloading and acquiring the necessary plugin.

    • Added: Chemlight box object with 12 chemlights.
    • Added: Syndikat Narcotics.
    • Added: Syndikat Narcotics (x3 bricks).
    • Fixed: Objects now have correct mass.
    • Fixed: Bandages were missing their display name.
    • Tweaked: 'Unarmed reading clipboard' animation.

Written on 2017-02-21 21:55 by Kydoimos  

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