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Requirements: Arma 2, The Unsung Vietnam War Mod, Community Base Addons
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Version: 1.9

Date: 2016-06-05 08:17

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Dong Xuan

KommieKat & nettrucker

This is an OPFOR campaign where you play different characters of Vietnamese PAVN soldiers laying Siege on the special forces camp at Plei Me.

The Story is based on real events happened at Plei Me special forces camp in October 1965

  • Mini campaign OPFOR 9 missions
  • voice acting - just a few lines
  • intro-outro
  • First aid modules

  • Campaign background:
    In the late summer and fall of 1965, the PAVN B-3 Front is established in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The PAVN units are the 320th, 33rd, and 66th Regiments. General Chu Huy Man is charged with the mission of bringing the new high tech 1st CAV Division to battle, learn how it fights with air-mobile tactics and new modern gear and put this into writing for dissemination to all PAVN and Viet Cong units.

    The Dong Xuan Campaign is entering in it's crucial phase. The objective is to cut South Vietnam into two pieces. The campaign is divided in three distinguished phases:

    1. Conquer camp Plei Me;

    2. Conquer Plei Ku;

    3. Conquer Qui Nhon.

    The campaign is to be launched by 3 NVA divisions which are to be used for that purpose. General Chu Huy Man is entrusted the use of a divisional force composed of three Regiments, the 32nd, the 33rd and the 66th to achieve phase 1, conquer the Special Forces camp Plei Me.

    Our plan is following:

    1. The NVA 33rd Regiment encircles Plei Me outpost to force ARVN 2nd Corps to dispatch a relief column from Plei Ku;

    2. The NVA 32nd Regiment ambushes the relief column which should be an easy prey without the fire-power support of nearby artillery base-camps;

    3. After the relief column is annihilated, the NVA 32nd Regiment reverts back to joint force with the NVA 33rd Regiment in running over camp Plei Me;

    4. Meanwhile, with the weakening of Plei Ku's defence lines due to the dispatch of the relief column, the NVA 66th Regiment attacks the 2nd Corps Headquarters, awaiting the NVA 32nd and 33rd Regiments which will join forces after taking over camp Plei Me to impart the coup de grace to Plei Ku, and thus achieving phase 2 of Dong Xuan Campaign.

    Mission briefing:
    - The siege: You are PAVN infantry man of the 33rd PAVN regiment named Chu Cao partecipating in the first attack of the Dong Xuan campaign. The difficulty in this mission is the visibility the player has. During the attack there will be constantly flares going off and there will be moments of complete darkness where the player can't see anything.

    - Killing fields: You are an AA gunner of the 33rd PAVN regiment named Quang La. Your task is to defend the assigned firebase and protect it against enemy aircraft. It takes some skill to overcome this mission. Moreover the player might be forced to leave the AA gun in order to survive and it is crucial to understand when this is the case.

    - Ambush: You are Nam Kham of the 32nd PAVN regiment ambushing the relief column send from Plei Ku. Your team has been tasked to take out the lead vehicles of the column.

    - Under heavy fire: After numerous attacks and heavy casualties taken the 33rd regiment launches a decisive attack on the special forces camp. The defenders are running low on supplies now the time has come to take the camp. Character Quang La.

    - Enemies turn: After blocking the relief column sent from Plei Ku successfully for a couple of days Intel is received that the ARVN will be heli-lifted to our rear guard. A single platoon is send to block the incoming enemy forces from the South to gain precious time for the withdrawal of the 32nd regiment. Character - Lé Quyen 32nd PAVN regiment

    - Hasty retreat: American airpower has come to support the ambushed relief column. Our positions are being bombed relentlessly by American aircraft. We have taken heavy losses and our attack failed. To avoid total annihilation the 32nd is retreating from route 6C. Character - Nam Kham

    - Recon: We have lost communication with the 32nd regiment. Last news we have is that the attack failed and that the 32nd was retreating. We are desperately in need of Intel on enemy movement. A 3 man team is send in to gather first hand information. Character - Quang La.

    - Rain of fire: 32nd has made it to Plei Xor but has to move. US and South Vietnamese forces are persueing constantly our withdrawing troops. Character - Nam Kham.

    - The Mist: The first forces from the relief column have reached Plei Me special forces camp. It is time to disengage and retreat to our base camp at the Chu Pong massive.- Character - Chu Cao

    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Campaigns folder.

    If you do not have one then create it.

    This campaign is trying to portrait the Siege on the Plei Me SF camp by the PAVN 32nd and 33rd infantry regiments. We tried to do our best to represent large scale battles but it's impossible to represent regimental sized battles in ArmA due to engine limitations. We tried to keep the battles at a certain size in order to avoid a lag fest. The campaign has been tested on a lowend and highend computer as well. The lowend computer can handle it although the enemy at times is unresponsive due to lacking processor power it's still enjoyable though.
    Unfortunately we have not been able to showcase all the new toys of the UNSUNG 2.6 version because of the storyline.
    The player is not supposed to accomplish certain mission objectives and he will be ordered to withdrawal when taking heavy casualties.
    The fact of portraying a real historic event has limited a lot an open mission design because we had to stick to the story.
    We hope you enjoy playing it.


    Credits & thanks:
    Voice actors in alphabetical order:

    - kommiekat

    - nettrucker

    Credits Unsung team:

    The Team
    Sgt Savage - Project Lead /Sound editor
    Columdrum – Config and Scripts
    Eggbeast - Config and Scripts
    Pookie - Models & scripts
    Bigstone- Texture editor/ Advisor
    Showmaker - Island maker
    Von Kunderberg – Models, texture and animations.
    Cj525 – Foliage,Island maker and textures
    Yac - Models & textures
    Aplion - Models and textures
    Deman – Models and textures
    Brain Bug – Textures
    Spock - VF101
    Myke – Models and Textures
    PGI- Models & config
    CSJ – Models, islands and textures
    AnzacSASteve – Configs
    KommieKat - Campaign
    Netrucker - Campaign

    Special thanks to:
    - Vilas
    - NightIntruder
    - Foxtrop
    - Cybergirl and Ikår
    - CBA team
    - Clayman for his Anim viewer
    - Kronsky for his UPS script
    - Chris Henderson for his ArmA edit tool
    - Rydygier for his arty and heal scripts
    - JW Custom for Ultra Simple Patrol Script

    - Arma 2
    - The Unsung Vietnam War Mod
    - Community Base Addons

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