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Version: 2.3.4

Short description: A small utility providing an easy-to-use and efficient graphical interface to configure the TPW MODS package.

Date: 2016-07-15 09:03

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TPW Settings


This small utility provides a simple and efficient graphical interface to configure TPW MODS for ArmA III. This collection has proven to be borderline essential for a thorough enjoyement of the game, owing to the life it brings to otherwise barren and uninhabited islands.

The utility acts as a graphical version of the package's TPW_MODS.hpp configuration file. Since it is coded in Java the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is required: on most PCs and Laptops it should be installed by default, in doubt a check for the latest version can be performed here.

Installation / Usage:
For detailed usage instructions and information of how to use the TPW Settings please refer to the github page:

- Extract TPW SETTINGS.jar file from the /executable folder.
- Place it alongside TPW_MODS.hpp in Arma's userconfig/TPW_MODS/ folder.

As of 24/05/16, this utility is not embedded in the TPW MODS package anymore. In case of problems refer to the Troubleshooting section or post in the GUI forum's thread.

As a .jar is the Java version of a Windows .exe, shortcuts can be created if so desired.

- Clicking on a module button opens the relevant module window
-- Each module button shows a tooltip on mouse hover, providing a quick description of the module
- The colored button to the left of every module button shows the state of the module (green: enabled | red: disabled)
-- Clicking on this button toggles the module between being active and being disabled
- 'APPLY' saves all changes and applies them to the configuration file
- 'REVERT' reverts all changes made since the utility was ran

- The module state is toggled using the checkbox in the window's top left hand corner
- Parameters are modified by directly editing input areas, selecting an existing entry in a dropdown menu, or toggling a radio button
-- Each parameter shows a tooltip on mouse hover, providing a description of its purpose and acceptable values
- 'APPLY' saves all changes and applies them to the configuration file
- 'REVERT' reverts all changes made since the utility was ran

- 'SAVE' saves the current configuration values for all modules
-- Press ENTER to confirm a newly entered name
- 'DELETE' permanently deletes the currently selected preset

- Opened by clicking on a color parameter's text area
- The desired color can be selected either by using the sliders or by directly typing the values in the upper field
- 'APPLY': saves the set color

- Opened by clicking on the ICON TYPES parameter's text area
- The checkboxes on the right select to which elements the icon will be applied to (more than one element is selectable at once)
- Clicking on an image on the left changes the icon for the selected elements
- 'APPLY': saves the set icons

- parameters matching CARS [1.46] PARK [1.15] FOG [1.39]

- parameters matching FALL [1.47]

- Fixed parsing bug

- parameters matching CORE [1.25]

- added CROWD [1.00]

- parameters matching SKIRMISH [1.26]

- parameters matching SOAP [1.07]

- parameters matching RADIO [1.24]

- added PUDDLE [1.00]
- pointer cursor on all clickable elements

- parameters matching RADIO [1.24] SOAP [1.05]

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- BI forums

- TPW Mods
- Community Base addons A3

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