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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.0
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Date: 2009-09-09 21:53

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SLX mod

This mod is made to enhance the gameplay, make the AI smarter, effects better and add's some new gameplay features as well. Solus has been working on this mod for over a year and before that he allready made some awesome stuff for OFP which is all used and enhanced for the release.

This also is made for both SP as MP but is mostly tested in an SP or LAN environment and as was shown with the SLX_Vehicles release, there might be some errors in that area.

This means, battle's take longer. There will be more injured than died units. AI uses more tactics like suppressive fire, flanking and bounding overwatch. AI will not allways shoot at your direct position but will lay down some serious hell at your surroundings. And your entire ArmA experience will change.

The mod is made so it's compatible with most, if not all, other add-ons.
You should be able to play all the campaign and SP missions, aswell as the CWR and QG campaign wit the mod. Yet there might be an unbalanced or unforseen error in a mission here and there.

The list of features is very long, click the button to read the entire list:

To install SLX Mod:
    Copy the @SLX folder to your ArmA directory where your ARMA.exe is located. Then double click the "Start SLX.bat" file.
To install extra content:
    Run the .bat files after extracting SLX to the ArmA folder. CA installer installs the Kegetys MP spectator script starter. Weapons installer installs SLX muzzle flashes.
To edit the shortcut command line:
Find or make a shorcut to ArmA and right click it then select properties. Find the line that says "Target:" and has something like this:
Then add -mod=@SLX on the end so it looks like this:
"C:\ArmA\ARMA.EXE" -mod=@SLX
Remember to keep the quotation marks in the same position. Then click apply and OK. You can also run other mods and disable the spash screen like this:
"C:\ArmA\ARMA.EXE" -nosplash -mod=@Addons;@SLX
Also remember that content in mods listed after the first mod will be used over the previous ones, so other installed replacement packs or configs cannot be used together.

Included .pbo files:


Credits & thanks:
Bohemia Interactive Studio for making Operation Flashpoint, the official tools, the Flashpoint1985 forums, the BIS wiki, all content from OFP and OFP: Resistance, ArmA, and all kinds of great stuff
Everyone involved with OFP SLX Mod, players and posters in forum threads
Everyone who has posted in the ArmA forums and wiki
ParaGraphic L for art, testing, and feedback
Mondkalb for the starter sounds and testing
Annunaki for bug tracker hosting
Freshman, froggyluv, Scruffy, rheydrich, jackass888, Lakefather, Bravo 6, SNKMAN, sickboy, Kroky, and everyone who has helped with testing, sorry if I've forgotten anyone
bxbx and Synide for MLOD models
John's fire and smoke effects replacement for the replacement pack idea
Call of Duty UO for textures (crater, clouds, smoke, fire)
Half-Life for explosion
3d studio max for particle animation rendering
Photoshop for graphics editing and batch converting/renaming
PANtool for batch converting paa files
itweas_LLU for letting his ninja addon be used
DanAK47 for lowered rifle stance idea
6th Sense and sickboy for the ArmA english patch
Dslyecxi for the bullet sounds
Kegetys for cpbo and unrap and many other things
mr.Flea and CrashDome for FSM Editors
Gaia and FDF for ArmA debug console
NonWonderDog for interesting addons and ballistics
Programs, teams, and people in no particular order: PBOX, ODOL Explorer, WRPtool, Irfanview, OFPanim, WinPBO, Suma, Visual C++, txtpathswap, cpbo, dxdll, ECP, Q, WGL, BergHoff, bn880, granQ, FFUR, General Barron, COC, KeyCat, thunderbird84, a-lone-wolf, vilas, BINView, SOBR,, Sanctuary, Indy, CrashDome, Kyle_K_ski, Big Dawg KS, ThePredator, hedcrusha, sa8gecko, Col. Faulkner, and many more
BIS wiki, FDF, Flashpoint1985 forums, OFPEC,, CAVS, SOW, Rune, JAM, Dschulle, SnakeMan, PMC, wika_woo, many forums,, Mantis bug tracker, YouTube, Google, and all of the Flashpoint community
Forumites, mission makers, addon makers, island makers, texture makers, modelers, animators, innovators, mod teams, and OFP and ArmA players

Forum topic:
- BI forums
- BI forums (old forums)

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