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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.0.02
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The PedagneMOD contains infantry, weapons and vehicles from the Italian Armed Forces.

Date: 2020-06-22 16:48

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PedagneMOD Team

PedagneMod is based on the Italian Armed Forces.

Year 2000: Pedagne is the only island excluded from Osimo peace treaty signed between Italy and Jugoslavia. During postwar period,Pedagne has seen the construction of numerous bunker built up in strategic point, of a great deal of barracks for Tank Units and of weapons warehouses belonging to “Gladio”, a secret organization. As soon as the strain between Italy and Jugoslavia decreased, the bunkers were forsaken, the military presence on the island was considerably reduced and Gladio became “sleeping”. So the economic peace re started; moreover Italy decided to make the Island a “fiscal heaven” (attracting a lot of financial societies and bank from each part of the world) and to build an oil refinery on the backbone of the pipeline which cross the island. This newborn relationship betweenItaly and Jugoslavia brought to the planning of an highway- rhetorically called “highway of the Peace”- which linked Santa Chiara(on the Italian side) to Tuturano (in Jugoslavia) and to the construction of a bridge connecting Tuturano to the mother Island.
A perfect situation to attract the Hawks….
Infact the construction of this highway was soon suspended and suspicious movements of soldier and supplies were noticed inTuturano’s military base, which returned to its maximum housingcapacity .
Italian government sent the SISMI (an Italian military secret service) Captain and a former officer of Comsubin (Navy commando) Alfredo Corelli to monitor the situation in Pedagne…
Pedagne’s archipelago is a very small group of islands located near the city of Brindisi; it houses a former operational base (now it is only a military training center) of San Marco Regiment (Italian Navy Marines). Almost all the names used in ASZ_Pedagne are real names ofBrindisi districts.

To install the PedagneMOD you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the PedagneMOD please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Future plans:
Next steps of upgrade of PedagneMOD to Arma 3 will be the "Progetto Flotta" and other infantry units.
For more informations READ the README file (excel file) where you will find also a folders with the all units of the mod, with class and display name.
Enjoy and don't forget to support the team!

Credits & Thanks:
Arremba San Zorzo: design, modelling, config and texturing
Aspide: design, modelling, config and texturing

Tanks very much for their support on Beta Testing to:
and thanks very much too for the great video, to Twombly of HellHounds clan.

License / Disclaimer:
These are not official addons, use them at your own risk
Commercial and military usage are prohibited.

-Added to ASZ_Freccia_AT Spike launcher doors
-Added VM90_amb (all models) siren and related menu action
-Added VTML_amb (all models) siren and related menu action
-Added ASZ_EH101_MM cockpit backlit
-Fixed SWM_pzfaust3 virtual arsenal error
-Fixed SWM_pzfaust3 with CBA disposable script
-Fixed ASZ_M40A3 (all models) magazine compatibility
-Fixed PUMA4x4 (all models) Driver turn-out option
-Fixed PUMA4x4 (all models) interaction distance for open/close doors and hatch
-Fixed PUMA4x4 (all models) steering radius
-Fixed PUMA6x6 (all models) Driver turn-out option
-Fixed PUMA6x6 (all models) interaction distance for open/close doors and hatch
-Fixed LR90_MM snorkel color
-Fixed AAV (all models) braking distance and other minors issue
-Fixed VCC2_amb shadow
-Fixed Ariete (all models) braking distance and other minors issue
-Fixed DDL_C27J_AM cockpit backlit, lights and collision lights
-Fixed ASZ_C130J_AM cockpit backlit, lights and collision lights
-Fixed EFA (all models) artificial horizon
-Repositioned PUMA4X4_M2 Driver view
-Repositioned AAV (all models) Driver and commander view
-Repositioned VCC1 (all models) Driver view
-Repositioned VCC2 (all models) Driver view
-Repositioned AV8B (all models) Pilot view
-Eliminated ASZ_FALBM59
-Eliminated ASZ_FALBM59_CP
-Eliminated ASZ_MP5A5
-Eliminated ASZ_MP5SD
-Eliminated ASZ_RH_MG3
-Eliminated ASZ_M1014
-Eliminated ASZ_HWTS
-Eliminated ASZ_Soflam
-Eliminated ASZ_6614_EI_ibis
-Eliminated ASZ_6614_AM
-Eliminated ASZ_6614_EI_ibis
-Eliminated ASZ_6614_EI_30mm
-Eliminated ASZ_6614_EI_camo
-Eliminated ASZ_6614_EI_rocket
-Eliminated ASZ_6614_EI_arm
-Eliminated ASZ_6614_EI_armcamo
-Eliminated ASZ_VM90_EI_105
-Eliminated ASZ_VM90_MM_105
-Eliminated ASZ_ACM904x4_AM_fuel
-Eliminated ASZ_ACM904x4_EI
-Eliminated ASZ_ACM904x4_EI_fuel
-Eliminated ASZ_ACM904x4_EI_logistic
-Eliminated ASZ_ACM904x4_MM
-Eliminated ASZ_ACM904x4_MM_fuel
-Eliminated ASZ_ACM904x4_MM_logistic
-Eliminated ASZ_ATV_CM
-Eliminated ASZ_ATV_GOI
-Eliminated ASZ_ATV_SOFDEF
-Eliminated ASZ_LR110_civil_grey
-Eliminated ASZ_LR110_civil_red
-Eliminated ASZ_ArisGator_M2
-Eliminated ASZ_ArisGator_MK19
-Eliminated ASZ_LVTP7_EI
-Eliminated ASZ_LVTP7_MM
-Eliminated ASZ_SIDAM
-Eliminated ASZ_SIDAM_stinger
-Eliminated ASZ_Leopard

- Eliminated tac 50 silencer
- Fixed A-129 Mangusta gunner view
- Fixed AB212/412 vertical speed indicator
- Fixed AB212/412 Altimeter
- Fixed EH-101 Advanced flight dynamics model
- Fixed CH-47 Pilot artificial horizon
- Fixed error Zeus Modules
- Fixed cargo drop script
- Added turret direction indicator on A-129 Mangusta HUD
- Fixed A-129 Mangusta Advanced flight dynamics model

Fixed v.04
- Added McMillan Tac-50
- Added Beretta ARX 200
- Added Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 8.5-25x50mm
- Added Advanced flight dynamics model
- New model of silencer 6.5 mm
- New model of silencer 7.62 mm
- Fixed Cargo Drop Script
- Repositioned VTML Driver proxy
- Fixed ARX160 Sounds
- Added EH-101 Copilot proxy
- Added CH-47 Copilot Proxy
- Added CH-47 ramp animation
- Added NH-90 Copilot Proxy
- Fixed NH-90 Proxy
- Improved NH-90 internals
- Improved A-129 Mangusta internals
- New Model of AB212
- New Model of AB412
- Added C-27J Copilot Proxy
- Added C-27J ramp animation
- Improved C-27J Instruments
- Added C-130 Copilot Proxy
- Fixed airplane land contacts points
- Fixed Centauro Commander optic
- Fixed Centauro Loader optic
- Added VCC Commander proxy
- Added Arisgator Commander proxy
- Fixed Ariete Commander view point
- Fixed Ariete Loader view point
- Fixed Leopard Commander view point
- Fixed Leopard Loader view point
- Fixed Sidam sounds

- Resize VTG Stingray ACH Helmet
- New model of ARX160
- New model of Panzerfaust 3 disposable
- New reticle of Panzerfaust optic
- New Texture of Medic Backpack
- New model of Mich 2000 helmet
- New model of Mich 2002 helmet
- New Leupold MK4 CQ/T optic
- New Leupold MK4 MRT optic
- Added Boonie Hat
- New reticle of ACOG optic
- New texture of ACOG optic
- Fixed A-129 Mangusta Door
- Now A-129 Mangusta Gunner can take pilot command
- Now A-129 Mangusta Pilot can fire 70mm rocket
- Repositioned AV8B Pilot proxy
- Repositioned Eurofighter Pilot proxy
- Fixed A-129 Mangusta Rocket launcher
- Fixed Pilot and Copilot action

- Fixed Driver View Freccia
- Fixed Driver View SuperAV
- Fixed Hud Lift
- Fixed Bug Freccia Gunner
- Fixed Vehicle Handbrake
- Fixed Medic Backpack
- Fixed Panzerfaust Optic
- Fixed A-129 Turret Sound
- Fixed Uniforms suitpack texture
- Fixed Cargo Drop Script
- Amphibious tracked vehicles now working as intended
- Adjusted Centauro Gunner Optic
- Adjusted Ariete Gunner Optic
- Adjusted M2 Optic
- Repositioned Ariete Commander View
- All Vehicles compatible TFR
- Added new model of Col Moschin combat uniform
- Addes new model of Ranger combat uniform
- Added new model of Lagunari combat uniform
- Added new model of VTG Stingray Helmet
- Added new model of SOD Gear - Spectre Fast Body Armour

- Fixed script error "HH variable..."
- Fixed C-27J flap
- Fixed EFA flap
- Fixed Land Rover velocity
- Fixed cargo drop action
- Fixed Puma 6x6 doors
- Fixed sounds helicopter
- Fixed sounds plane
- Fixed sounds Beretta MAB
- Fixed a few errors that slipped in the latest patch
- Added group in the editor
- Added ARX160GL ironsight
- Addes editor preview

- first release

- Community Base Addons A3

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