Author: Applejaxc
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Requirements: Apex
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2016-07-04 09:05

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A stand-alone sequel to another scenario (Syndikat: The Plane), this singleplayer/coop mission begins with members of the Tanoa police department closing in on 1-4 suspects at the Saint-George airstrip. After unsuccessfully attempting to flee the police once already, a lack of fuel forced an emergency landing. Now the Syndikats must secure a helicopter, a boat, or a fuel truck for their plane to make a permanent escape. Trying to stop them is not just the police, but a better armed criminal organization that blames them for the sting operation that began the mess.

(In multiplayer only) There is also 2 Syndikats, slightly better armed, already in the nearby town facing a police raid being conducted in conjunction with the arrest attempts at the airstrip who are glad to help their comrades out. Elsewhere in town, Syndikats, other criminals, arms dealers and random events are waiting to be discovered.

The scenario features four possible endings, with an option for players who don't want to escape at all, but would rather go out in a blaze of defiant glory. Enemy placement and patrols are random, optional objectives are hidden, and there's even some sweet ArmA 3 soundtrack selections!

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Tags: Apex,   Coop,   Police,   Sp,   Syndikat