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Version: 0.3.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Project OPFOR is an initiative to bring community forces and armies, which were included in recent military events.

Date: 2019-08-19 08:06

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Project OPFOR


The Project OPFOR brings you new factions and armies, which were/are involved in recent military events in past few years. For now to use this mod you only need three mods made by Red Hammer Studio - Armed Forces of Russian Federation, United States Armed Forces and GREF .

Never heard about our mod? Mind reading this summary. It adds over 30 new factions to the Arma 3 from all around the world. A vast range of forces such as Middle Eastern Militia, Novorussian Armed Forces, Ukrainian Armed Forces, Islamic State, Irish Republican Army and many more will totally revamp your Arma 3 experience. You dont need to bother about quality of weapons used by our units - in this case we are totally dependent on RHS. In summ our mod adds nearly 500 new uniforms, headgears and vests to keep our factions as realistic as possible.

To install the Project OPFOR you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
- Red Hammer Studio for their awesome mods
- Reyhard for a lot of help, T-72 CDF textures and permission to include his T-34 and T-55
- zGuba for introducing me to the arma configs and answering many of my questions
- Stagler for his chechen units textures from Arma 2
- LFT? for textures for turkish faction
- trenchgun for his "DADPAT" Private Military Company retextures
- Nadezhda_grapes for his "Plaid" and "Floral Plaid" patterns
- for his "Floral" and "Palm" patterns
- >D4S< Shepherd of Fire for extending some editor groups
- Ma77h3hac83r for new logo and banner
- Mikero for his awesome tools
- Basher for helping with stringables
- brainslush for helping me fixing a lot of stuff
- (SWE) Jonathan for making ChDKZ and SLA screenshots
- Aplion for letting me use his physX configuration for landrover (not in use btw)
- Krukov and his IEU for bughunting and feedback in the past
- Grim Panda and his Force Protection Combat Team for testing in the past
- Sharpmaster1379 for being our military advisor in the past
- Whole community for help, feedback and ideas
- Bohemia for best game in the universe

- Added Hellenic Armed Forces
- Added North Korea Army
- Added Syrian Arab Army
- Added Turkish Armed Forces
- Added M93 uniform for several factions (about 50 variants)
- Added some PMC uniforms textures (including DADPAT mod)
- Added PASGT helmet in various camouflages
- Added SSh-68 helmet in various camouflages
- Added M1 Helmet in various colors
- Added new content to randomization scripts
- Added Offroad (SPG-9) for several factions
- Added 2S1 for Iraqi Armed Forces, Iranian Armed Forces, Novorussian Armed Forces and Ukrainian Armed Forces
- Added GREF weapons to several factions
- Added IzH18 for Middle Eastern Militia
- Added Kar98 for Middle Eastern Militia
- Added L1A1 for Iranian Armed Forces
- Added MG 42 for African Militia, Boko Haram, Iraqi Armed Forces, Iranian Armed Forces, Islamic State, Novorussian Armed Forces
- Added Mosin Nagant for Afghan Militia, African Militia, Islamic State
- Added Sa vz.58 for Afghan National Police, African Militia, Islamic State, UVF, IRA, Peshmerga, Iraqi Armed Forces
- Added Sa vz.61 for Middle Eastern Militia, African Militia
- Added Project OPFOR icon to uniforms in Virtual Arsenal
- Changed renamed Ukrainian 6B27M to Kaska M-2
- Changed Lee Enfield hidden from arsenal and units
- Improved totally revamped Private Military Company faction
- Improved Datsun Physx (thanks to reyhard)
- Improved many older textures
- Fixed Land Rover dust effect
- Fixed backpacks classes to better fit some units
- Fixed many things we cant recall at this moment
- Removed A3 BDU in favour of M93 uniforms
- Removed 6B27M in various camouflages
- Removed ISTS and Boko Haram tags from uniforms

- Added Datsun
- Added Land Rover (SPG-9)
- Added Flags for all factions
- Added More aks-74/aks-74u for Afghan Militia, Islamic State
- Added PM-63 for Afghan Militia, Iraqi Armed Forces, Kurdish Armed Forces, African Militia, Islamic State, Irish Republican Army
- Added Optional RDS compatibility pbo
- Fixed Boko Haram sides
- Fixed Priority on factions
- Fixed ISIS Uniforms (OPFOR is no longer naked)
- Fixed static.sqf editor script error (thanks to Spyderblack723)
- Fixed stringable error
- Fixed CfgMoves error (one left)
- Fixed Lee Enfield is back in VA
- Fixed Iraqi Armed Forces is now using AKM as main weapon
- Fixed RACS is now using M249 as MG and M24 as sniper rifle
- Improved ISOF units
- Improved Boko Haram groups (thanks to >D4S< Shepherd of Fire)
- Improved IRA and UVF groups (thanks to >D4S< Shepard of Fire)
- Improved Islamic State groups
- Improved ISIS HMMWV Textures
- Improved Iraqi HMMWV Textures

- Added Offroad M2 motorized groups for LOP_AM and LOP_AM_OPF
- Added Aks-74/aks-74u for some factions
- Fixed Eastern European civilians do not longer spawn with asian faces
- Fixed Uniform problems for Islamic State and Peshmerga
- Fixed Headgears in 3den are once more visible
- Fixed Commander and Gunner for T-55's
- Changed Some uniform names

- Added Boko Haram faction
- Added Irish Conflict sides (UVF and IRA factions)
- Added Iraqi Special Operations Forces
- Added Islamic State faction to OPFOR
- Added Middle Eastern faction to OPFOR (uses civilian clothes)
- Added African Militia faction to OPFOR
- Added Kurdish Peshmerga faction to INDE
- Added New textures for middle eastern insurgents and civilians
- Added New uniform textures for Islamic State
- Added Chechen civilian textures (thanks to Stagler)
- Added Missing citizen model (thanks to reyhard)
- Added Random civilian unit for Europe/Middle East (thanks to reyhard)
- Added Faction names stringables (thanks to Basher)
- Added Extra tanks for factions (thanks to Damian90)
- Added M1117 Guardian for Afghan National Army
- Added Various shemags textures for Middle Eastern Militia Factions
- Added Black uniform for Kurdish Peshmerga Forces
- Added Afghan National Police dedicated headgears
- Added Some insignias (YPG, Kurds, ANP, ANA and much more)
- Fixed Zeus compatibility (make sure you choose 'all addons' option in module)
- Fixed Middle east clothes .rvmats
- Fixed ALiVE compatibility for LOP_PESH & configured motorized infantry (thanks to Tupolov, HeroesandvillainsOS and other guys on forum)
- Fixed Baseball hats and glasses on African Factions are now uncommon
- Fixed Some textures were upgrade to our actual standards
- Fixed ZU-23 now has the right gunners
- Fixed Landrover gunner position (thanks to reyhard)
- Fixed Many tweaks to po_vehicles (thanks to reyhard)
- Fixed ASR AI 3 compatibility (added asr_ai_level & camouflage values)
- Fixed BCR Logistics tests for ISIS, Iraq and Afghan Army (need tests)
- Fixed Black smokes removed from all factions
- Changed Language for African Factions
- Changed Splitted IS guerillas into Men (Black) and Men (Combat)
- Changed Replaced Chedakis textures with these from Stagler (big thanks)
- Changed Infantry config structure for all real factions (added scripts for random uniforms and headgears)
- Changed Middle Eastern Militia was deprived of vests
- Changed Scoped out our su-25's (till we get right textures)
- Changed Removed logo on loading screen

- Rewritten all configs for new pbo structure

- added: rewritten Landrovers
- added: T-34 and T-55 for some factions
- added: preview images for 3den
- added: icons for Ukraine and Peshmerga
- changed: groups for ISTS, Novorossiya and Afghan Militia
- changed: pistols for officers
- fixed: author errors in 3den
- fixed: APEX errors
- fixed: Ukrainian pilot uniform
- fixed: Mk18 is now visible in game
- fixed: UA groups errors


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