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Requirements: CBA_A3, NATO_Rus_Vehicle, NATO_Rus_Weapons, USMC_mas, NIArms Core, NIArms AR-15 Rifles, NIArms AWM Rifles, NIArms G3 Rifles, NIArms M60 GPMGs, NIArms MINIMI LMGs, NIArms MP5 SMGs
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Version: 1.00

Date: 2016-07-14 13:40

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Hello everyone!

I present to you something I've been working on for a while now, Tactical Domination.

What Is Tactical Domination?

Well, the idea around Tactical Domination is to sort of merge CoD/BF Domination mode with Arma 3's combat mechanics and Sector Control mode. 24 vs 24 PvP tactical action with each map/scenario setup with strategic positions around the map, such as weapon chaches, medical camps, fortified positions, and so on. The scenario lasts 60 minutes, and whichever side has the highest score at the end wins.

So what's the objective?

Your objective is to move in and seize the city of Pyrgos. US Marines have been called in to storm the beaches and move in on foot to secure the town. Their main objective is to seize the town, however they will need to destroy AAF Anti-Air positions before they can call in air support (CAS) or it will be shot down. AAF Forces must move in and prevent the marines from gaining ground. There are three sectors around the town which must be captured, each providing a strategic advantage to the side that owns it.

So how's this going to work?

Both AAF and USMC forces spawn at their own small encampment outside of the town. Inside that encampment are 2 unarmed transport vehicles that respawn once destroyed, and an armory/weapon chache where you can customize your gear and edit your loadout. Each faction has a unique set of gear and weapons. Certain units can call in CAS, AI support teams, Helicopter Strafe-Run and so on. When a person is shot in a non-lethal area, they may be knocked out and need to be revived, but hurry before they bleed out!

Both factions have the following playable classes:

- Officer (Issues commands)
- 2 Squad Leaders (Standard all-purpose rifleman)
- 2 Marksman (Armed with an M14 EBR)
- 2 Grenadier (Armed with a grenade launcher attached to their weapon, as well as a handful of grenades and tactical-thrown equipment)
- 2 Medics/Corpsmen (Has slightly less armor, however can heal friendlies on the battlefield and can revive downed players 2x faster)
- 2 Anti-Tank Specialists (Armed with heavier gear and an Anti-Tank rocket launcher)
- 2 Anti-Air Specialists (Same as the above, but armed with a Stinger)
- 2 Snipers (Armed with a sniper rifle and a ghille suit)
- 2 Recon Scouts (Fast moving, light armored recon unit armed with an MP5)
- JTAC Operator (Can call in helicopter CAS by going into the 0-8 support menu)
- UAV Operator (Can deploy and control a UAV drone)
- 2 Heavy Gunners (Armed with heavy gear and LMGs)
- Recon Support Gunner (Armed with lighter armor, but an even heavier LMG)
- Recon Demolition Specialist (Armed with every explosive you can think of)

Lock and load men, let's move out!

I've spent a lot of time on this, and I really hope you like it!

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