crCTI Mission-pack released
Yannick06 released the crCTI Mission-pack in the BI forums.

This crCTI Mission was originally made by Clean Rock for OFP. It has been ported by Jack Hammersmith and optimized by the australian OGN Clan. They made JIP working and improved a lot of other things for the ArmA version.

This pack contains 3 versions of a CTI scenario:
    - West Coop
    - East Coop
    - PvP (Player vs Player)
The general intention was to create a free addons CTI version for non hardcore players/insiders.
These missions contains the OGN v2k srcipt version. It has been extended with the Support ScriptPack V2 scripts by Zonekiller to make RACS forces stronger to defend their towns.

If the RACS will be attacked they can and will randomly do any of the following actions:
    - call artillery
    - call para troops (6 men)
    - call air strike with GBUs or AT with heli
    - and maybe I cant remember...
Note: It has been also successfully tested with ECS / SLX modifications.

Download the crCTI mission pack from our download section.

Written on 2008-05-03 10:33 by Armaholic  

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