Author: Yakavetta
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.3

Short description: Script for locking and breaching doors.

Date: 2019-06-05 08:30

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Sushi's Breaching Script - Yak's Fix

bp.sushi & Yakavetta

Script for locking and breaching doors. Players can use shotguns, expplosives or simply pick a lock. Working on A3 buildings, JBAD and most of AiA TP doors (Thanks to Yakavetta[31stMEU].
From v1.2 it also supports more community made maps, but proper configuration is needed, more in "Instalation" section).

-Locking all or random doors
-"Check lock" option to check if doors are locked without opening them
-"Pick Lock" option (players must have ToolKit or ACE_key_lockpick item in inventory)
-Doors can be opened by shooting from weapon (RHS shotgun by default)
-- if doors are locked, first round "breach" the lock, second opening doors
-- if dors are not locked first round opens door
-Player can plant explosives on door to breach them (all credits to Jarhead)
-- players must have Demolition Block in inventory
-- explosives DO NOT destroy building
-- explosives "stun" AI inside room for few seconds (all credits to Jarhead)
-- anyone standing near door will get dammage
-Easy configure for MM in config file

Installation / Usage:
1) Add this entire package to your mission folder in "\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\(Profile Name)\Missions\(Misison Name)"
2) If you already have a description.ext, just copy and paste the contents of this description into your existing one
3) Launch Arma, open your mission and add a marker over the area you wish to close/lock doors. I prefer the elipse/rectangle markers, but others should work too. You can add multiple markers, just copy/paste this code and make changes as necessary:
class zone_1 //< custom zone name
    zone = "doorlockall1"; //< marker (rectangle or elipse) that covers zone.  Change this name to the new ones you you make
    closeDoors = 
    lockAll = 2; 
4) Name the marker something using simple naming (no spaces, symbols, etc for simplicity. Uses something like: "LockAllDoors1, "CloseAllDoors", etc)
Save the mission file go into the mission folder as described above, and open up the "sushi_scripts" folder Edit the "breach-settings.cpp" in your favorite editing tool. I prefer Notepad++
5) Decide which features you want to use "LockFrontDoorsOnly, AllowLockPick, lockall, etc."
6) Check the "class lockDoor, class zone_1, and change the zone = "doorlockall1" to the marker name you made.
7) Save, export the mission file to MP, and host a local MP server to test.
If you have doors you want to close, and they are not closing, try changing closefix to 1. ArmA buildings are funny, and this can often work.

Known issues:
Certain doors, specifically shop_town_03, has a lot of glass double doors. To use the shotgun breach, you have to aim directly at the handles, or where the handle would be. I may investigate this at a later date
Bohemia doesn't have a rhyme or reason to their door numbering system, so if you pick "LockFrontDoorsOnly," it may lock some interior doors, based on the building. Without rewriting the entire code, and sifting through each building, I'm not going to change that at this time.

Currently breaching works with the M112 demo block in RHS, as well as the default ArmA 3 satchel charge, RHS M590 Short Barreled shotgun, Ace Lock Pick and Tool Kit. I'm open to suggestions.

Credits & Thanks:
This script owes it's roots to Sushi's breaching script, found here: This is based off V. 1.3 of sushi's script, which had a lot of good fixes and code. I helped with some of the code in the past, but the reality is 99% of this work is Sushi's and as such, here are Sushi's original credits and thanks:

"This script is inspired by great Jarhead ( script and i use little part of his code to place explosives on doors and stun AI. All credits for this part of code should go to him. Version 1.2 was created with huge help of Yakavetta. Thank You for Your feedback and parts of code."

License / Disclaimer:
I don't own any rights to this script, and can not give you permission to edit, modify or release it. I am only releasing this on my own because I have helped sushi in the past, and he has given me permission to continue to work on it.

Sorry for any trouble this may cause future modders who want to edit this script.

Rewrote locking functions to perform door locking on server initilization, reducing load times.
Fixed issues with Tanoa double doors

Fixed the issue where closefix = 1 and closefrontdoorsonly = 1 would cause doors to fail to lock

Added more doors
Fixed a bug with CUP Middle Eastern Buildings, should be compatible with all CUP ME buildings now

Initial Release freom V1.3 of Sushi's Script
Added multiple CUP Building Doors
Fixed Join in Progress Multiplayer errors
Fixed bug caused by player death (menu items would disappear)
Fixed initial load times when marker covers the entire screen (reduced load times from upwards of 30 minutes to 1-3 minutes)
This will not work in the editor/SP only missions. It depends on a multiplayer environment, and at least a locally hosted MP game to work. Sorry, but unfortunately that's how I was able to fix a lot of the code

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