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Requirements: No addons required
Playable options: N/A

Version: 2.0

Date: 2016-08-19 22:52

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CQB Training V2


I found i sometimes struggled to perform in CQC or "CQB" situations.
I built this area for both training in CQC and weapon familiarisation.
You can use any weapon, equipment ect.. you wish and you can also choose between day time or day time.

You need to save your load out at the infostand before the option will apear to enter the arena.


-Single player respawn system.
-Reassign player loadout.
-Revised starting location.
-Gear saving function.
-New random time and weather setting selection.
-Fast forwarding time.
-New remaining enemies display.
-More AI and higher density

Now when you die you will be respawned in the starting area, your loadout will be resorted on spawn.
You will also be notifed of the remaining enemies.

Before you enter the arena you have to save your loadout via the infosand. This was done to prevent
players respawning with no equipment.

The new starting location let's you sort out your equipment, the time of day and the weather before
entering the arena.

Please enjoy and im open to request on the mission.

Special thanks;

I used Code34's Real Weather - dynamic weather for MP games
You can find it here:

I also used Hogthar & DancZer's Design Mastery Light shade script
You can find it here:

External download:

[SP] CQB Training V2

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