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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.2
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod adds the Belravninan Army (or Armed Forces) [BVS] and Belravninan Defense Forces [BSO] to your game, along with their equipment.

Date: 2016-09-12 13:56

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Belravninan Army (BVS)


This mod adds the Belravninan Army (or Armed Forces) [BVS] and Belravninan Defense Forces [BSO] to your game, along with their equipment. In short, the Belravninans are an isolationist splinter nation from the northern flatlands of Chernarus, whose buildup was secretly planned years in advance. This has resulted in them largely having conventional military capabilities, though the doctrine has been developed independently from other armies.

You can expect a fictional faction using domestically-produced, fictional weapons and equipment. Naming of this gear is in accordance with the Belravninan version of the GRAU index, with the 1B and 2B prefix denoting domestically-produced equipment. The faction is intended to be on the level of other conventional militaries that produce their own equipment. Doctrine is focused on mechanized infantry with little air support, so most aircraft currently in possession of the BVS has been traded away or hidden in storage. Furthermore, Belravnina does not posses a navy of any sort. Unlike my previous South Zagoria units, Belravnina is a well-planned secessionist movement with heavy involvement from the local government and local CDF bases, and the country claims compliance with international laws as far as military behaviour goes.

The current release only contains infantry and their equipment, as well as a bicycle. A "Belravninan" language protocol, based on Arma 2 Russian, is included, along with a few Arma 2 faces (female).

In 2009, the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star, or ChDKZ, attempted a military coup against the Chernarussian government in the South Zagorian region. While the final status of the region is currently debated, the event has polarized much of the rest of Chernarus along global political lines. The increasing globalization of mainland Chernarus has led to alienation from the secluded northern flatlands, who wish to retain full sovereignty and worry about potential exploitation of their resources. Since this time, the Belravninan isolation party has been formed to democratically serve the wishes of its people; its members have taken most local offices in north Chernarus, but have not seen their ideas implemented in the national policy.

Locally, the party has made many changes to the infrastructure. Many schools of various levels have been built, and the government has attempted to use its funds to allow everyone in Belravnina to attain college-level education. Research facilities have been built to keep the country from falling behind. The economy has been improved with new tools giving farmers the free time to plan out their lands, improved mining technologies to increase yields, and new factories to attain self-sufficiency.

Unknown to most outside Belravnina, the party has maintained a secret contingency plan for secession since its origin. Schools in the Belravninan region have made military training part of their program, the new research facilities have made unreported advances in military technology, and the factories have made secret arms hidden away in well-hidden basements and caves. Care has been taken to find out which CDF commanders would support the movement, and removing those who would not.

Just recently, Belravnina has declared independence at the same time as equipping its populace, and the loyal armies, with new equipment. The CDF are unlikely to allow part of the nation to split away, but the BVS is ready for war.

Belravnina comes from the northern border region of Chernarus; natural resources include food, timber, and common metals. International trade is carefully limited by the government to ensure a positive net flow of money, and Belravnina has its eyes set on the bordering region of Takistan for access to oil without requiring trade. The international outlook is very distrustful, and while Belravninans might often agree with their northern neighbours, they avoid official alliances with anyone. The new government controls most of the industry, but avoids taxing its populace. Finally, education is stressed with the average Belravninan civilian being expected to learn faster and stay in school longer than under Chernarussian rule; many adult schools have been opened to ensure everyone is up-to-date with the most current knowledge, and research facilities are quickly becoming the main source of income for the new nation. Other global income sources for Belrvaninan include food exports and the use of its army as a sort of mercenary force; however, Belravnina does not allow exports of its weapons.

The military forces of Belravnina are split into the army (BVS) and defense forces (BSO); members of both are career soldiers and share training and equipment.

The BSO is largely concerned with defense of civilian areas from both external and internal forces, and therefore also acts as a local SWAT force in conjunction with local police (but does not replace the police). The green-and-blue uniform is therefore intended to fit in better with urban clothing while retaining a unique appearance. Currently, the BSO is not entirely fleshed out and thus, while the uniforms are available, units have not been fully defined.

The BVS generally handles national defense, as well as offensive operations; in peacetime, units may be sent out as mercenaries to foreign conflicts to keep them in shape. The typical BVS platoon consists of two regular infantry squads, a skirmish squad, a support squad, and a recon squad. The regular infantry squad is intended for medium-range engagements and general-purpose usage, and is reasonably mobile with good firepower. The skirmish squad is an extremely mobile unit meant to harass the enemy and handle CQB situations. The support squad is a less mobile unit which would set up behind the front line and provide heavy fire support. Finally, the recon squad typically spreads out and allows the rest of the platoon to know what is going on ahead of time.

The Shturm elite forces are highly trained shock troops who focus on attacking new positions, and focus on highly mobile tactics combined with high firepower and range to eliminate opposition before they can react. They allow themselves to stand out through the use of uncamouflaged beige vests and black masks.

The "1B" prefix is removed for brevity. "1B" prefixed equipment typically corresponds to BVS supplies, while the "2B" prefix typically corresponds to BSO supplies.

Infantry Weapons:
SV-0: The BVS interpretation of the AK-107, this model was the only weapon produced during the early stages of the Belravnina movement and intended to provide a versatile weapon platform for medium- and long-range engagements. This design pioneered many of the concepts used in other BVS equipment, such as long barrels, widespread use of bipods, use of a short-stroke gas piston, and the rifle grenade concept. The fire selector includes an additional fire mode with a reduced fire-rate similar to the AK-74. With the introduction of newer weapons, the SV-0 is largely relegated to use among those too familiar with the old AK-74 series of rifles and to reserve troops.

SV-0L: The belt-fed version of the SV-0, this weapon combines many of the good features of the m249 SAW and the RPK-74. However, the light weapon has issues with overheating when fired for long periods of time.

SV-0K: Short-barrel version
SV-0LK: Short LMG

SV-1: The primary BVS firearm, this 5.45x39mm assault rifle is the descendant of the SV-0. The rifle has a long, free-float handguard and uses a special textured plastic for its furniture which prevents the hand from slipping. This plastic also allows for the camouflaged appearance of the rifle. The folding stock has been raised to further reduce muzzle rise, while the flattop reciever allows mounting of an optic using Belravnina's domestic rail. The barrel shroud connects to muzzle attachments, allowing the barrel to be changed with relative ease.

SV-1K: Short-barrel version
SV-1U: Extra-short version
SV-1L: LMG version
SV-1LK: Short LMG
SV-1LU: Extra-Short LMG

SV-2: The Belravninan interpretation of the SVD rifle, equipped with a civilian-type stock to improve familiarity for hunters. The rifle shares some of the improvements of the SV-1 including the capacity to fire rifle grenades and the top-side rail mount. The SV-2 uses Belravnina's domestic 3.34x54 round.

SV-2L: A short-lived experiment for a belt-fed SV-2, this weapon was quickly replaced by the SV-3.

SV-3: The Belravninan 3.34x54 machinegun based on the SV-1, this heavy weapon not only has a thicker barrel than the SV-1, but also includes a force-air cooling system similar to the lewis gun. The feed system was designed on the basis of the ShKAS aircraft gun and an extremely lightweight bolt is used to permit extremely high fire rates for anti-aircraft and long-range use. The fire mode selector does contain a system to reduce the fire-rate to a sane amount when necessary. The SV-3 is only fed through belts, but a 20-round belt-in-a-mag exists for use by machinegun assistants. This weapon is primarily used by the support troops.

SV-3L: SV-3 currently not using the belt-in-a-mag. No functional difference.

SP-1: A modern interpretation of the PPSh-41, using the shortened 5.45x25mm round. This weapon combines customary BVS traits with the famous WWII gun, including rifle grenades (with greatly reduced muzzle velocity). This weapon is primarily issued to the skirmish troops.

P-1: The BVS pistol, based on the Makarov and chambered in 5.45x25mm. Modified to resemble a Stechkin automatic pistol both in function and in form.

M-1: The BVS standard launcher, essentially a domestically produced RPG-7 with its own sighting system. The forward radio command unit includes a device to measure the launcher's position and facing direction, which it communicates to the missile to achieve SACLOS guidance.

M-2: The long-range version of the M-1, this heavy launcher uses a supersonic missile based on the Shturm or Ataka. The high speed allows its dual-use as an AA and AT launcher.

Infantry Equipment:
F-1: Old-style uniform
F-2: Old-style officer uniform with fur lining
F-3: New, gorka-style uniform

B-1: The standard vest/plate carrier, with no steel plates
B-1PZ: The standard vest/plate carrier, with steel plates
B-2: An experimental vest based on new designs, with steel plates

Z-1a: Load-bearing vest with ammo pouches fit for 30rnd magazines
Z-1b: Load-bearing vest with ammo pouches fit for 45rnd magazines
Z-1c: Load-bearing vest with ammo pouches fit for box magazines/belts

Sh-1: Stamped-metal helmet intended for all-round head protection, at the expense of weight.
Sh-2: Sh-1 with "Kevlar" lining and cloth exterior.
Sh-3: Crewman's helmet, unchanged since soviet times.
Sh-4: Hat (Off-duty)
Sh-5: Beret (Parade)

Infantry Ammunition:
All BVS ammunition is classified as "tracer" rounds; however, the tracer mix does not ignite until impact, where it causes a brief but bright flash.
A-1: Standard 5.45x39, based on old soviet stocks. Uses more propellant and a slightly lighter bullet.
A-2: Armour-piercing 5.45x39, based on the russian 7n10.
A-3: APDS 5.45x39, intended for long-range use. The long, thin projectile uses 5.45x39 technology to tumble upon impact, which increases wounding effects beyond its caliber and occasionally causes the bullet to fragment.
A-4: Standard 3.34x54, intended for long-range use. Works similar to the A-3, but the larger round achieves better terminal effects.
A-4a: Armour-piercing 3.34x54. This variation does not tumble, which allows it to penetrate armor at the cost of barely injuring the target.
A-5: Standard 5.45x25, essentially an A-2 round with a cut-down case.
A-6: APDS 5.45x25, essentially an A-3 round with a cut-down case.

VG-1: HE rifle grenade
VG-2: HEAT rifle grenade
VG-3: AT rifle grenade
VG-4: HE rifle grenade of similar weight to 40mm rounds

R-1: PG-7VL rocket with a radio receiver and guidance system
R-1F: R-1 rocket with fragmentation load
R-1T: PG-7VR rocket with a radio receiver and guidance system
R-2: Supersonic AA missile with a proximity fuse and radio-reciever guidance system
R-2T: Supersonic AT missile with a radio-reciever guidance system

Infantry Camouflages:
1f0b: Four-color "meadow" pattern, using a dark gray, dark green, light green, and light blue. Good for fitting in with grasslands containing flowers or forests, or for looking like a tree while skylined. Standard BVS camouflage.

H1, H2, H3: The three BSO camouflages, with a green, green/yellow, and blue tint to them. The standard BSO uniform uses a H2/H3 split between jacket and pants, but full uniforms in these camouflages are available should the need ever arise.

Old Bike: A mass-produced bicycle in use by reconnaissance units, messengers, and during peacetime conditions. Also used by civilians and off-duty soldiers.

To install the Belravninan Army (BVS) you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the Belravninan Army (BVS) please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

Known issues:
-Some rare paths of loading assets can lead to materials on the weapons or uniforms not loading properly, or other strange bugs. Restarting the game should fix this rare bug.

Future plans:
Infantry Weapons:
P-2: Pistol built on the basis of the TT-33 or Browning Hi-Power in 5.45x39mm, also automatic.

1B-AZ-1: Armored car/sedan used as the equivalent of the humvee/MRAP. This vehicle will contain a collapsible turret which can be armed with a variety of infantry weapons for self-defense or use in BSO police operations. In the BVS, this will be primarily used as a light supply vehicle behind safe lines or for VIP transport.
1B-AZ-2: Armored truck based on the Vodnik concept, with a modular rear section.
1B-AZ-3: Truck based on the Kamaz. Whether it will be armored is TBD.

1B-BMP-1: Tracked infantry fighting vehicle, with modular turret and armor. Will be used as the basis for most armored vehicles of the BVS. Most turret versions are remote-controlled from within. The vehicle seats the 3-man crew side-by-side in the front, then seats 7 additional infantry in the rear of the vehicle. Infantry are capable of using firing ports to achieve 360 coverage of the vehicle. Entry into the vehicle is either through BTR-80-style side doors or a large top door, as the vehicle places the engine in the rear. The vehicle is intended to allow the crew to remain inside as long as possible, and thus includes typical living facilities; when setting up a base, it may be used as a mobile barracks. The standard arnament uses a 30mm cannon, 5.45x39mm coaxial, and 4x AT missiles, and has a commander's gun with a 5.45x39mm rifle and 40mm GMG.

1B-BTR-1: Wheeled version of the 1B-BMP-1.

-Variants of the 1B-BTR-1 and 1B-BMP-1 which fulfill transport, SPAAG, SAM, recon (radar), and tank-destroyer duties.
-Some sort of tank. Likely to have similarities to the T-72 and T-80, especially aesthetically regarding the T-80u.
-Some sort of helicopter. Likely a transport with similarities to the UH-1 Huey, and an attack with similarities to the Mi-24 Hind.
-Some sort of plane. Likely to only have a multi-role fighter based on the MiG-23.

-Deciding on the exact equipment to use for BSO forces and adding them to the editor.
-Slowly adding vehicles, with priority to ground vehicles.

Steam Workshop:
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Credits & Thanks:
-Bohemia interactive, for the ArmA 2 sample models which have been used in this work. Please reference the readme.txt for full details.

-Fixed several issues with 1BF-3 uniform
-Optimized some unused textures to reduce addon size
-1BP-1 scope now includes compass and elevation notification (in 2d view only)
-Added 1BP-2 scope with rangefinder; model is still WIP.
-Added 1BPM-1 and 1BPM-2 monoculars, without and with rangefinder respectively. These are based on and look similar to the 1BP scopes.
-Added BVS and BVS-Opfor flags
-Added empty crates
-All BVS troops now carry some variation of the monocular, typically the 1a variant.
-Minor changes to BVS unit loadouts
-Gear randomization script (kae_fnc_randomGear) added. See YZDS addon for examples of use.

-Important: Changed all gear-related classnames to match with the ingame-name
-Renamed SV-2 and SV-3 to the VS-1 and LP-1, respectively, to better differentiate the role. Classnames changed accordingly. These will be referred to by the new name henceforth
-Replaced Russian grenades with BVS variants; added stick and black-smoke grenades
-Modified saturation of blues in BVS flag and camouflage to better distinguish it from the Bulgarian flag
-Modified darkness of blacks
-Added BSO troops
-Added wood-furniture versions of SP-1, VS-1, LP-1, SV-1 rifles, and associated optics
-Added multiple retextures of the SV-0 rifles (Plastic: black, green, desert, plum. Wood: green)
-Added Independent versions of BVS and BSO troops
-Added BVS army opfor/red-flag units (for training purposes)
-Added VG-5 breaching grenade (Small AT charge for destroying walls)
-Added 1B-MR-2p extra-high-velocity AA missile for the 1B-M2 launcher
-Added bedroll versions of 1BR-1 backpack series
-Added 1BR-5 large "box" backpack series
-Added vestless versions of the ammo harnasses (1B-Z-1a / 1B-Z-1c)
-Modified SV-1, SV-0, LP-1 sights to be the same white-painted ones used on the VS-1 and SP-1
-Modified SP-1 and P-1 ammunition to no longer use rifle casings
-Modified furniture of SV-1/LP-1 rifles
-Fixed texture mismatches in SV-0 rifles
-Adjusted rivets on SV-0/SV-1/LP-1 rifles to not go through the reciever
-Modified feed mechanism of SV-0L/SV-1L rifles
-Modified end of SV-1/LP-1 rifle barrels. The muzzle devices are now screwed into the barrel shroud
-Added some optimization to weapon textures

- Initial Release

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