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Kaelies released an updated version of his Belravninan Army (BVS) on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod adds the Belravninan Army (or Armed Forces) [BVS] and Belravninan Defense Forces [BSO] to your game, along with their equipment. In short, the Belravninans are an isolationist splinter nation from the northern flatlands of Chernarus, whose buildup was secretly planned years in advance. This has resulted in them largely having conventional military capabilities, though the doctrine has been developed independently from other armies.

    You can expect a fictional faction using domestically-produced, fictional weapons and equipment. Naming of this gear is in accordance with the Belravninan version of the GRAU index, with the 1B and 2B prefix denoting domestically-produced equipment. The faction is intended to be on the level of other conventional militaries that produce their own equipment. Doctrine is focused on mechanized infantry with little air support, so most aircraft currently in possession of the BVS has been traded away or hidden in storage. Furthermore, Belravnina does not posses a navy of any sort. Unlike my previous South Zagoria units, Belravnina is a well-planned secessionist movement with heavy involvement from the local government and local CDF bases, and the country claims compliance with international laws as far as military behaviour goes.

    The current release only contains infantry and their equipment, as well as a bicycle. A "Belravninan" language protocol, based on Arma 2 Russian, is included, along with a few Arma 2 faces (female).

    • Fixed several issues with 1BF-3 uniform
    • Optimized some unused textures to reduce addon size
    • 1BP-1 scope now includes compass and elevation notification (in 2d view only)
    • Added 1BP-2 scope with rangefinder; model is still WIP.
    • -Added 1BPM-1 and 1BPM-2 monoculars, without and with rangefinder respectively. These are based on and look similar to the 1BP scopes.
    • Added BVS and BVS-Opfor flags
    • Added empty crates
    • All BVS troops now carry some variation of the monocular, typically the 1a variant.
    • Minor changes to BVS unit loadouts
    • Gear randomization script (kae_fnc_randomGear) added. See YZDS addon for examples of use.

Written on 2016-09-12 13:55 by Kaelies  

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