Week report # 27
Work in progress

* ADO Compagnie
    Adeber posted a new update in our forums.
    Quote Adeber :

    There are some screenshots of our next ADO release, curent addon progress: 80%
    Weapons and units are completly made by GMC, our addonmaker.......

    3-ado_mod_13.jpg 3-ado_mod_14.jpg 3-ado_mod_04.jpg 3-ado_mod_05.jpg

    - Armaholic forums

* Team Stealth Addons
    Peregrine informed us in our forums about some new addons in development by "Team Stealth".
    The following addons will be released May 7th:
    You can few a couple of videos and more screenshots in our forums.

    3-f117_01.jpg 3-f117_02.jpg 3-f117_03.jpg 3-mrap_04.jpg 3-mrap_02.jpg 3-mrap_03.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - Team Stealth Forums

* ISLAND: IC Barbuda
    Wedge informed us in our forums he is working on a new island for Arma.

    3-ic_barbuda_04.jpg 3-ic_barbuda_05.jpg 3-ic_barbuda_06.jpg 3-ic_barbuda_07.jpg 3-ic_barbuda_08.jpg 3-ic_barbuda_09.jpg

    - Armaholic forums

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* CRIONYK's weapons and units pack

* Project '85

* Switzerland Mod

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