Author: chasEE
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: Shows a global killfeed in the top left hand corner of your screen.

Date: 2016-09-04 01:05

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Arma Killfeed


A killfeed script I made for just for fun. Killfeed shows up in the top left hand corner and works with all missions and mods. Some settings can be configured in the "killfeed.sqf" file. Demonstration video.

- Killfeed with pictures in the top left hand corner of your screen
- Configurable settings including player and ai sides killfeed will work with, as well as time delay settings for loops.
- Works with spawned AI and Players.
- Sync's with ALL clients globally.

Installation / Usage:
- In the Scripts folder, drag and drop the "killfeed" folder into your mission folder.
- Drag and drop "description.ext" and "initPlayerLocal.sqf" into your mission folder (MERGE CODE INSIDE YOUR FILES IF NESSESSARY)
- Good to go!

Known Issues:
Killfeed may disappear if kills were done in very quick succession. It will reappear on next kill though.

- Added weapon/vehicle pictures under weapon/vehicle name
- Added Player and AI side settings
- Reworked and cleaned up more code

- Added AI Support
- Reworked and Cleaned Code
- Fixed vehicle recognition
- Fixed vehicle killfeed rendering
- Added more settings (More to be added in future)

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