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SENSEII released a new version of his Dynamic Combat Generator on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    What is DCG?
    Dynamic Combat Generator is an Arma 3 mod designed to help mission makers quickly enhance their cooperative scenarios by supplying a collection of easy to use, modular addons.

    • Added:
        - steam workshop upload
        - CBA required module in mission templates
        - custom object saving (_object setVariable ["dcg_main_saveObject",true])
        - FOB respawn position
    • Changed:
        - moved server addon to optionals folder by default
        - disabled respawn on start in mission templates
        - replaced FUNC(findPosRural) with FUNC(findPos)
        - adjusted FOB item costs
        - optimized approval saved data
        - optimized IED handler
        - improved vehicle placement in FUNC(spawnGroup)
        - improved sniper spawn chance
    • Fixed:
        - artillery timer resetting for JIP players
        - artillery vehicle exploding on spawn
        - player side's in mission templates
        - script error in FUNC(setOccupied)
        - adding and removing request actions in EFUNC(fob,handleRequest)
        - incorrect return value for ACE actions in FUNC(setAction)
        - new FOB controller unable to handle FOB after accepted request
        - players able to request control of FOB before previous request is handled
        - approval value incorrectly subtracted when FOB is dismantled
        - hitpoint selection in FUNC(setVehDamaged)
    • Removed:
        - primary and secondary task settings in userconfig
        - ammo restrictions on FOB UAV

Written on 2016-09-29 10:45 by Armaholic  

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