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Date: 2020-04-03 17:43

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"OPEX is a masterpiece." (Sowens)
"This mod is awesome and should be approved by Bohemia." (Unknown)
"You have made what I've been looking for since a very long time." (Guim's)
"My friends and I are now only playing this mission." (Neall)
"It's a titan work. Respect." (BingaNarko)
"Thank you and go on, you're the best dude I have a poor PC and OPEX is running fantastic." (NeXoWw)
"God bless you !! To be honest I've never seen someone who is so reactive and attentive to the community's feedback." (Bobzap / Sayker)
"This mission is becoming so epic. I love it."(xaxa)


OPEX is an immersive, realist and fully dynamic task generator for ArmA III military simulator.


  • Mission that required more than 2000 hours of learning, experimentations and development (project started in 2012)
  • SP and MP compatible (from 1 to 50 players)
  • Unique immersive and realist atmosphere
  • Select the theater of operations (Europe, Middle-East, Africa...), your army (France, USA, Russia, UK, Spain, Czechia...) and the opponents (Taliban, Islamic State, Boko Haram, generic ultranationalists...) - extra mods may be required to get all options (see below)
  • Entirely built with random parameters for generating unpredictible situations and unlimited replayability
  • Custom menu at startup to enable/disable/set main mission features
  • Plenty of things to do: select a specific task (among more than 20 available), patrol to find and fight the enemy, locate and destroy weapon caches, neutralize IEDs, search buildings and interrogate local people to gather intel, capture opponents...
  • Dynamic civilian life with custom interactions (talk, search, arrest...)
  • Dynamic AI activities: patrols, ambushes, reinforcements, suicid bombers, roadblocks...
  • Dynamic reputation: take care of the local population or it may rise against you
  • Gather and exchange intel to recruit AI teammates and to get extra supplies, vehicles, supports...
  • AI improvements: ability to assign/unassign NVG/flashlights/silencer depending on daytime and behaviour, ability to board into nearest static weapon...
  • Primary needs system: eat, drink and sleep to avoid bad effects
  • Customizable MP synchronized music receiver in order to listen music into vehicles
  • Performance friendly: useless AI entities are automatically disabled/deleted to save computer/server ressources
  • Persistent save for both server (mission progression, global stats...) and clients (loadout, personnal stats...)
  • Compatible with many mods (ACE3, TFAR, ACRE2, Winter 2035...)
  • Playable without any mod (vanilla game) but compatible with many ones (CUP, RHS, R3F, 3CB, FFAA, BW, CFP, Project OPFOR, TFAR, ACE3, Winter 2035...)
  • Advanced medical system (tweaked version of Psychobastard's AIS script) or expert (if ACE mod is detected)
  • Optimized AI behaviour (thanks to R3F AiComTarget script)
  • Move and transport almost every item (thanks to R3F Logistic script)
  • Random and dynamic weather (thanks to code34 for his script - I modified it a bit so weather's evolution is depending on world regions)
  • Futurist but realistic electronic tactical glasses (thanks to TPW for his script - I modified it to create motion detector and hearbeat functions)
  • Live video feeds (thanks to BangaBob for his script)
  • Little immersion tweaks: light sensitive map and NVG's optimized utilisation (thanks to Viperidae for his scripts)
  • Map gestures with nearby players (thanks to dslyecxi for his script)
  • Readable content fully translated in French, English and Spanish
  • And much more to discover !


OPEX can be played without any mod (vanilla game) but in order to enjoy all the features and possibilites, it is highly recommended to subscribe (for free !) to the official mod collection.
If you don't have a large storage capacity and a very high speed internet connection, you can also select only some ot those mods.

FOR MORE INFORMATION (screenshots, videos, changelogs...)

Please visit the official thread.

Enjoy !

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