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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.15

Short description: Very simple air unit flyby script.

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Date: 2016-09-08 14:24

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Simple Air Unit Flyby Script


VR Simulation Mission showing off a simple air unit flyby script that spawns units from behind and makes them fly straight overhead.
More information can be found within the mission.

Editable script file to choose what helicopters spawn, where they spawn and delete and their alititude.

Installation / Usage:
Download latest version of the script.
Extract to desktop
Copy Simple_Flyby_Script_.VR into ArmA 3 mission directory:
Documents\ArmA 3 – Other profiles\USERNAME\missions
Load ArmA 3 editor. Open Simple Fly Script mission
For your own missions, drag and drop the contents of the scripts folder into your own mission.

If you have any problems with the script please let me know and i will have a look into it when i next have a chance.

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Tags: Fly Over,   Flyby,   Helicopter,   Plane