Author: AmauryD
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.0

Short description: Arma 3 anti cheat , admin menu included

Date: 2016-09-08 17:58

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ARMA AC anti cheat


An arma 3 anti cheat fast and easy to use.
Admin menu included with many features

  • Admin menu
    • Logs menu with all the AC logs displayed.
    • Admin menu to adminisrate the players (heal,kill,ban,kick,...).
    • Objects creation menu : allow the admin to spawn vehicles , objects , weapons.
    • Console menu where you can enter script lines.
    • Config file maker , helps the user to create his config.hpp file , really easy to use.
  • Anti cheat:
    • Allowed weapons system.
    • Allowed vehicles system.
    • Chat filtering system : can filter ip , url , words entered by the user in the chat bar.
    • Variables detection system : will eject the user with the non listed variables.
    • Allowed displays system : users with uncorrect displays will be kicked.
    • Bad files system : detect cheat files in the arma 3 folder.

create a description.ext file in your mission folder and add this code:
#include "ARMA_AC\config.hpp"
#include "ARMA_AC\Menu\Menus\menus.hpp"

create a init.sqf file in your mission folder and add this code:
#define AC_FOLDER (getText (missionConfigFile >> "ARMA_AC" >> "folder"))
if(isServer) then {
    [] execVM (AC_FOLDER + "\initServer.sqf");
    if(hasInterface) then {
    waitUntil {
      !isNil "ac_fnc_log"
    [] execVM (AC_FOLDER + "\initClient.sqf");
   [] execVM (AC_FOLDER + "\initClient.sqf");

There is an example mission included with the download.

The anti hack will be frequently updated , just check sometimes for updates.
The project is 100% compatible with aclogger , a .log file creator for arma 3 , you can download it here.
Available on Github.

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