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Version: 4.1

Short description: A tool for managing one or multiple servers through Rcon

Date: 2016-09-14 20:04

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MsRcon - Multi Server Rcon


A tool for managing multiple servers using Rcon. You can connect to more than one server at a time while maintaining a database between them.

Muliple server connections
DNS resolution for server IP
Server connection storage
Local player database
Filterable ban & player lists
Global bans
Admin name defining
Chat triggers
Reload Events & Scripts
Lock & Unlock the server
Manage players on the server
Add & remove bans
Kick players
Send messages to the whole server
Send message to a player
Log Kicks and Bans
View player seen, name and IP history on server
Auto updater and installer

Installation / Usage:
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For more information how to use this utility please refer to the online readme MsRcon ReadMe

Added DNS resolution for adding servers
Allowed resizing of chat and player box
Added more player logging
Enabled pop out of player window to show data
Fixed various bugs and added more error handling

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