Soviet Armed Forces by Basher
Mods and Addons

Basher released an updated version of his Soviet Armed Forces on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The Soviet army back in the ranks!
    The armed forces of the Soviet Union was created in 1918 (then called the red army), and ceased to exist in 1993.
    Apply a crushing blow to the world imperialismo, or head to the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, to fulfill their internationalist duty!

    For our Soviet Motherland!

    • Added:
        - New variations of SSh-68:
          a) With dark net
          b) With light net
          c) In sand camo
          d) In green camo
        - New Butan texture (thanks to Fingolfin)
        - "Elite Units" for faction:
          a) Infantry in TTsKO - VDV troops
          b) Infantry in Afghanka - Frontier Troops of The Soviet Union (Airborne)
        - New Panama hat variation
        - Pograntsovka uniform for Frontier Troops (Airborne)
        - Description for all stuff
    • Fixed:
        - 6B3 model
        - Empty medical bag
        - Weapons for SA in Butan
        - Some config issues
        - Dark green SSh-68 texture
        - Stringtable mistakes
        - 6B3 texture

Written on 2017-03-22 20:41 by Armaholic  

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