SQFLint by SkaceKachna

SkaceKachna released an updated version of his SQFLint on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    SQFLint is CLI tool, that allows you to check SQF files for basic syntax errors. It also tries to detect some basic warning signs.

    • Updated way code is parsed, enabling more complex analytics
    • Added option to check paths used in execVM ( -cp, -r )
    • Added option to treat warnings as errors
    • Added option to exit with ERR(1), when error is encountered
    • Variable declaration is now correctly recognized in params and for
    • Blocks not ending with semicolon are now correctly accepted
    • Fixed string quotes not being handled properly
    • Fixed token errors not being handled properly and leaking to stderr
    • Fixed JSON flag being ignored in some cases

Written on 2016-11-26 17:32 by Armaholic  

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