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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: Blow yourself up!

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Date: 2016-09-24 09:58

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Suicide Bomber


Ever wanted to just sneak up on someone and just blow them up while hearing you scream "Allahu Akbar!"? Thought you would.

Installation / Usage:
To install and use this script, do the following:
1. Extract both the folders (sounds & scripts) in this ZIP to your server world.
2. Open the "init.sqf" file, and add the following line: [] ExecVM "scripts\suicide_bomber\suicide_bomber.sqf";
3. Open the "description.ext" file, and this to your file:
class CfgSounds
        sounds[] = {allahu};

        class allahu
            name = "allahu";
            sound[] = {\sound\allahu.ogg, 1, 1.0};
            titles[] = {	};
4. When you're in-game, you must have an explosive on you to see the options in the action menu.
5. You're done! And hopefully it works by now! Thanks for downloading!

How to use
Whenever a player has any explosive on them, you get the option to choose to either blow yourself up on the spot, or enable the Dead Man's Switch. The Dead Man's Switch works in a way that if the player has it enabled, and they die while it's on. they blow up. After enabling it, you can also choose to detonate at will, and disable the Dead Man's Switch.

- first release

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