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Vanschmoozin released his VSM - Uniforms on the BI forums.

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    Hey guys! So heres the first iteration of "VSM - Uniforms". This will be the continuation of what was version 2 beta. This pack contains the Crye gen 3 (nato reworks) and the Massif Combat Uniform (AAF reworks). Also contains custom Mechanix and Blackhawk gloves featured on their respective uniform. Boonie hats, Caps, and backpacks are also included. Designed to work in tandem with my other VSM releases. Vests/Helmets, Accessory, warfighters, weapons and GearPack v1(if used with GearPack be sure to open up the addons folder and delete the spectergear pbo as its redundant with the vests and helmets mod). Many of the camos featured in GearPack are represented here, but reworked to a higher standard. Not all camos will be coming to the uniforms pack, but many still will, as well as many that were not featured in GearPack. I will still be patching GearPack to be error free over the next few weeks, so no worries there.

    • Added Boonies and Caps for all camos
    • Added OCP Massif Combat Uniforms and Bags
    • Added Insignias
    • Adjusted carry capacity for Crye uniforms

Written on 2016-10-07 14:14 by vanschmoozin  

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