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Bad benson released an updated version of his Raptors, Zombies and more on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I'm making a new thread because this turned into a standalone thing and there is some potential other things coming using this as a base. i'm trying to keep things simple and clean to be able to maintain this with not much effort. this is like a remake and not a full blown new dino mod with a bunch of other dinos coming, so please don't ask for a t-rex or any other new creatures.
    this is just a recreation of the old features in a, hopefully, better way.
    what i plan to add (potentially maybe) is other hostile creatures that take almost no extra effort. like aggressive dogs (good for post-apocalyptic stuff) and maybe some prey animals that we have models and anims available for already like a wild boar (for some potential hunting gameplay). oh and zombies of course. everybody loves zombies.

    What is different compared to the old Jurassic Arma addon?
    • this doesn't include player controlled raptors, for that use the old addon
    • raptors can now only be spawned using the modules, there are however placeable raptors (without AI), if anyone needs them for something
    • some things have been removed or are done in a more simple/clean way but i tried to keep this as close to the original experience as possible (minus the bugs)
    • tweaked materials to make them stick out less

    • fixed: animation issues caused by bad inheritence in zombie anim configs
    • fixed: zombies would reset to default arma anims after getting up from ragdoll
    • added: zombies can now be set on fire using the starter pistol
    • improved: sounds and any other MP synced effects now have a range to keep network traffic much lower and only when really needed
    • added: parameter for prey parent classes

Written on 2016-11-01 09:31 by Armaholic  

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