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Bnae released an updated version of his Bnae's Arsenal on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Bnae's Arsenal is upcoming addon created by Bnae.
    Main idea is to create more content to Arma 3 with quality as close as possible to the original quality of A3.

    • version 0.501 Hotfix:
      • Wrong file path for M97 muzzle flash
    • version 0.5 Stable:
      • New handgun Remington R1 Enhanced:
          - R1 Black
          - R1 Brushed
          - R1 Engraved
          - R1 Tan
      • Two new suppressors:
          - Sound Suppressor .45 ACP (Black) x2
      • All classnames are now on lowercase
      • Classnames are now included under classnames folder
      • Shell_holder_virtual is now called bnae_holder_virtual
      • LahtiL35 is now called bnae_l35
      • Prone animations included
      • New hand animations (RK 95, RK 95R, SPR220, M97)
      • Tweaked animations
      • Tweaked config files
      • Tweaked textures
      • Fixed inaccurate crosshairs
      • Attachments UI picture sizes changed from 512x512 to 256x256
      • A3 scopes available for RK 95 and TRG 42 (Not all)

Written on 2017-03-09 14:05 by Armaholic  

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