Author: stokesmagee
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Requirements: Zombies & Demons

Version: 0.4.6
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Makes RyanZombies more performance friendly, and built for Exile, Epoch, and vanilla arma 3!

Date: 2017-03-28 07:55

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SM Zombz


Like zombies? Like performance? like configuration?
Well, then this is the perfect mod for you!

Makes RyanZombies more performance friendly, and built for Exile, Epoch, and vanilla arma 3!

This mod adds:
Spawning zombies,
Controlling zombies (Controlled by clients, not server),
Task scheduler,
Map icons,
Network system,
Zombie sounds,
Zombie animations,
and is highly configurable.

To install SM Zombz you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

In your missionfiles description.ext find class CfgRemoteExec and add in it:
class SM_ZombieDoMove { allowedTargets = 1; };
class SM_Say3D { allowedTargets = 1; };

In your missionFiles mission.sqm find addons[] = and add in it:

If you want to override configs add this to your description.ext or config.cpp

You can find some development videos here: StokesGaming MC

License / Disclaimer:
Same rules apply to this mod as RyanZombies!

many fixes, and optimizations.

Potential cause of crashes fixed?!
Also some optimizations.

Upgraded to new createGroup syntax.
Fixed RPT spam.
Fixed zombies not shutting up.

v0.4.3.4 (Hotfix):
Fixed zombies crawling on the ground ?!?!
It's intresting what removing some "disableAI" can do.
Fixed hordes not spawning at all.

Major improments / overhalls, way too many to keep track of.
Anyone that is overriding code, will need to remake their overrides.

Reverted to RyanZombies animations, due to legality issues.
Updated config:

fixed circular addon dependency

made code overrideable.
New config:

fixed zombie hearts not working.
improved feeding.

improved zombie behavior.
improved transferring of ownership from player to target.
removed a configuration variable that breaks the system
Updated config:

switched zombies from agents back to units.
fixed zombies just standing still.
Removed RyanZombies dependency.
Added custom sounds.
Added infection.
Headless clients no longer have zombies spawn on them.
Loads of other changes that i have completely forgot about.

fixed: typo with horde zones, causing a undefined error.
fixed: zombies walking into safezones, and attacking players.
temp fixed everything becoming a zombie.
roghly fixed zombies standing still.
completly reworked zombie classes.
removed RyanZombies animations, and added custom ones.
added more zombie units to give zombies more variaty.

fixed: one... one! zombie face that had no texture.
fixed: min distance from postion being completly missing.
fixed: some group spam, when the group is emepty.
fixed: max zombies per player being capped at zombies per wave.
fixed: zombies spacking vehicles when being unconscious.
fixed: a tiny bug that no one knows about when a head explodes.
fixed: heads exploding more than once.
fixed: a few issues related to task running. (ontop of onEachFrame issue)
fixed: when player has guts spread on them, and they gut a zombie, the blood gets removed.
fixed: town settings overriding non-town settings.
fixed: gutting animation, derping out and simi-working.
fixed: huge network traffic when zombies spawn.
fixed: zombie crawlers not using the correct sounds.
removed: onEachFrame to fix Epoch (base building circle thingy) and some other things being broken.
added: configurable option for min distance from position.
added: configurable option for spawn delay for players and for in town.
added: configurable option for zombie classes in a town.
added: configurable option to search for towns.
added: configurable option to make it so zombies don't respawn until players have left the zone and entered another one.
added: configurable option to enable / disable horde zones.
added: configurable option for horde zones.
added: configurable option for horde classes and for in town.
added: configurable option for min distance from player for horde.
added: configurable options for min / max distance from player for horde in town.
added: configurable options for min / max dsitance from spawn positon for horde zombies, in town.
added: configurable option to allow horde zones use zombie zones instead.
added: configurable option to allow hordes to spawn randomly, if player is in zone, it will use zone config.
added: more exploding head sounds.
added: configurable option for zones spawn delay.
added: a temp array of players when calculating waves, so only one wave of zombies spawn on that player (in that wave).
added: epoch compatabilty for hearts.
added: hide body, for zombies.
added: horde zones.
added: made it so zombies can't aggro as easy if the player is laying down, and distance.
added: horde zone markers on map.
added: zombie idle states, so only zombies that are aggro'ed have a FSM running.
added: female zombies.
changed: on screen blood effects, to make it look different from regular stuff.
changed: Reworked zombies from createUnit to createAgent.
updated: config fetcher to decrease loading times (optimized it)
note: anyone that is using ryanzombies classes for zombies, stop doing so.

Added: configurable option for setting velocity.
mostly just a optimization update, slight changes, and a few error fixes.
[MGT]DB: "this new version seems a lot smoother imo".
new config:

Improved: zombie spawning.
Improved: zombie damage face textures.
Imporved: zone config, added more configurable options.
new configuration file:

Added: configurable option for "zombie zones"
Fixed: zombie aggression.
Fixed: vehicles not getting their velocity set.
Fixed: zombie faces
Fixed: zombie sounds, sounding really off.
new configuration file:

Fixed: Zombies target finding not working at all.

made it so zombies have to see you to agro on you,
fixed smoke not attracting zombies,
fixed a stupid Exile error.

light bug fixes.
same server key, but different pbo data.

Added: Zombie heart model (Current implemented for Exile only, (SM_Zombz_Item_Heart))
Added: Gutting zombie, and able to spread the guts on you to make zombies not attracted to you.
Added: Shuffle array utility (used for randomizing loot)
Added: Loot system (For zombies...)
Added: Configurable option for loot.
Added: Own notification system (
Added: Configurable option to turn on / off notification.
Added: Configurable option to change the notification type.
Added: Confirugrable option to randomize random things. (timer in seconds)
Added: Random custom on-screen blood effects when hit by a zombie.
Added: Custom skins (uniforms, and faces)
Added: Custom sounds.
Added: Custom blood utility. ([] call SM_ScreenAddBlood, and [] call SM_ScreenRemoveBlood)
Added: Own zombie classes, and will need more balancing (for armor values)
Added: Auto detection of Exile and Epoch.
Fixed: Task system running without a delay.
Fixed: Exploding heads (yep... finally.... :E)
Fixed: Some bugs, that no one knows about :E
Fixed: Zombies like to walk into safezones, and murder all da bambi's
Fixed: Zombie locality removing disabled AI when transfered to another client.

Added: Compatabilty for Epoch, and Vanilla a3.
Added: Own task system. (ZombieCleanupTaskID = [SM_ZombieCleanup, SM_Cleanup, [], true, "Zombie Cleanup"] call SM_System_AddTask;)
Added: Own network system.
Added: Custom user safezone / base checking.
Added: CfgSounds
Added: Say3D, makes sound MUCH better.
Added: Task FSM.
Added: Configurable option for enabling / disabling Epoch and Exile. (Both disabled by default).
Added: new CfgRemoteExec: class SM_Say3D { allowedTargets = 1; };
Changed: Zombie FSM to improve performance.
Changed: Calculations to improve performance.
Changed: Server key.
Updated Config:
Overall: Improved performance, sounds, and generally everything.
NOTES: Loot only spawns on zombies with Exile! (v0.3.2 will have loot for every version).

Added: Some map icons!
Added: Auto detection of distance for a zombie to attack a target (let me know if it goes wrong!)
Added: Zombies are attacted to smoke!
Added: Zombies slow down if they are in a building. :)
Added: Configurable option for horde marker type. ( )
Added: Configurable option for horde text.
Added: Configurable option for horde marker cleanup.
Added: Configurable option for horde notification text.
Added: Configurable option for number of zombies to spawn if player is in town.
Added: Configurable option for search for town distance.
Added: Configurable option for detectable town types.
Added: Configurable option for zombie spawn distance from spawn position in town.
Added: Configurable option for zombie max & min distance to spawn from a player in town.
Added: Detection for nearby towns (May be broken for custom maps).
Fixed: On MPKilled Doubled.
Fixed: Zombies are stupid, and they go through walls (a simi-better fix)
Fixed: Lots and lots of bugs, (that's what the abcd...etc.. is for!)
Fixed: Obfuscation ( Thanks Mikero :) )
Fixed: Horde always spawning lower, or equal to min value.
Changed: FSM to improve it's performance.
Changed: Config ( )
Changed: Server key.
Changed: FiredNear is set on the controlling client, and no longer creating a network message each time someone fires.
Overall: imporved performance.

possible crash fix.

bug fixes

bug fixes

bug fixes

bug fixes

bug fixes

bug fixes

bug fixes

Zombies & Demons

By request of the author this file is no longer availbale.

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