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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.5

Short description: Arma 3 Script allowing dogs to be controlled by player or AI units via scripts.

Date: 2018-12-22 12:55

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Arma 3 Script allowing dogs to be controlled by player or AI units via scripts.

ote: This is NOT MP compatible. I have no immediate plans of making it MP compatible.

NEW: AI patrols can now use dogs to sense and attack enemies (v1.4)
Dogs obey these commands:
Heel - Dogs follow handler closely
Move there - Point to a position and dog moves there
Attack - Point to a man or animal, and dog will attack it
Detain - Point to a man, and dog will approach and threaten man. Man plays surrender animation while detained.
Stay - Stop the dog
Sit - Dog will sit
Fetch - Dog will retrieve small animals (rabbits, chickens, snakes)
Get in Vehicle - Dog boards vehicle (currently only Offroads, APEX jeep, zodiac and hummingbird supported...more to follow)
Get out/Disembark
Track - Dog senses scent trails and follows the trail. Trails end at water or when quarry boards vehicle.
SITREP - Dog barks. Useful when you lose sight of dog in dense jungle
Dismiss - Dog no longer controlled by handler
All dog commands can be issued by player or by scripted AI units.
Voice commands use either custom voice commands by me (Johnnyboy), or any in-game language (English, French, Chinese, Persian)
Voice commands may be quiet, normal or loud depending on combat mode (stealth, safe, combat)
Handlers use hand signals also when commanding dogs
Roving dog packs that hunt/attack animals and men when they are near.
Vanilla dogs can't swim...JBOY dogs swim (while following handler in heel mode)
Vanilla dogs die with one shot...JBOY dogs can take 2 or more hits.
Vanilla dogs don't bleed...JBOY dogs have blood textures
Vanilla dogs don't bark or growl...JBOY dogs do bark and growl
Vanilla AI will not fire on dogs...JBOY dogs will be fired upon by AI if attacked by dogs
Dogs boarding vehicles will lock cargo position in vehicle so AI boarding will not clip with dog
Player can Heal dog
Dog will detect enemies and point them out (stop, growl, and look in enemy direction)

For usage instructions and information of how to use the JBOY Dog please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.
Download the zip file and unzip it into your missions directory. You can then try it in the Editor.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Known issues:
Dogs clip through many objects and buildings. Not sure there is anything I can do about that. Currently best to use dogs in non-urban environment.
When dog rides in front seat of vehicle, and player is driver in first-person mode, dog looks like he is outside vehicle. This is an Arma issue. Looks ok in 3rd person view though.

Future plans:
Make it MP compatible. May be now...needs MP Testing! Any volunteers?
Detect - Bomb sniiffing, drug sniffing, etc.
Scout - Dog runs ahead and stops and points at enemy it detects
Fetch any small object - Get my pistol boy! Get the Tactical Bacon!
Improve AI firing on dogs.
Unconcious mode for wounded dog, so you can heal your best friend.
Make a kick-ass mission with Boomer at my side! Done! Twice!

Credits & Thanks:
Larrow for his awesome utility for finding voice files in config.
SuperTruite for his amazing particle effects utility
KillzoneKid for help on forums and his awesome blog

Added option to have Doggy Cam display (PIP)
Stopped continuous pain yelping for AI controlled dogs and dog pack dogs. It makes sense for player controlled dogs, because that cues player to heal the dog. But it is annoying for dog packs and AI controlled dogs. Thanks to @CHICKENLICKEN for reporting the issue.
Made dog pack dogs and AI controlled dogs easier to kill.

Added saveLoad eventhandler to init.sqf so menu restored when player loads from saved game
Added red paw icon to display on dog when SITREP command issued.
Allow naming dog if default Boomer dog is not used
Added some advanced hints (you will need to include the .hpp in your description.ext as shown in example mission description.ext).
Improved AI control of dogs. Dogs follow AI in Heel mode through waypoints. When dogs detect enemies, the AI Handlers goes into combat mode and commands dog to attack. After all known enemeies killed, AI Handler resumes following waypoints and commands dog back into Heel mode. This is great for sentries walking a base perimeter for example.
Better following of handler when in Heel mode
Tons of small bug fixes and small improvements I can't remember.

Player can heal dog
Dog no longer takes fall damage or collision damage
Dog detects any near enemy (current version only detected the unit being tracked by dog). This is now a huge plus while patrolling: Your dog stops, growls, and looks in direction of enemy. Great for avoiding being ambushed in dense jungle or villages.
If handler killed, another player in group can take control of dog.
Dog mourns when handler killed. Anybody have some better sound fx for a crying sad dog they can send me?
Persistent footprints for dudes being tracked (thanks to very clever script by @HallyG)
Cleaned up init.sqf (moved script compiling and some global var initialization to separate script, so only need one line to call this from init.sqf)
Cleaned up Description.ext by moving JBOY sound file config statements to an include file.
Dog Command Menu has been professionally localized to:
Italian (thanks to @zagor64bz)
German (thanks to @Undeceived)
Spanish (thanks to Johnnyboy's bi-lingual sister)
Dog Command Menu has been "Google Translate Localized" (i.e., localized badly) to:
Russian cyrillic alphabet

Dogs pick up a scent trail and follow it.
Scent trails end when tracked units cross water or get in vehicles. Trails begin again when tracked unit exits water or vehicles.
Via barking, whining and growling, dogs indicate to player if they have found a scent trail, if trail has ended, or if enemy is near.
Dogs follow handler in Heel mode and swim (fixes arma problem where vanilla dogs walk underwater on seabed)
SITREP command: Dog barks once when given this command. This helps know where your dog is in the dense jungle.

New clean dialog menu thanks to Soolie! Replaced clumsy actions menu with menu dialog accessed via T key.
(Cosmic10R: Your number menu is also awesome, but I chose no-addon required route for now. Maybe in the future I will support both. It shouldn't be too hard to plug it in. Thanks much for the contribution though!)
Feral Dog Packs: Feral dog packs roam, and attack whoever they encounter, then roam again. Can be spawned by a trigger when player enters an area. Kudos to AZ Coder for some logic and ideas.
Improved AI fighting dogs. Not perfect though. Very difficult since AI doesn't recognize dogs as enemy.
MP compatibility changes to JBOY Dog that Persion MO recommended to fix JBOY Chicken. JBOY Dog not MP tested though...any volunteers?
Dogs now attack and fetch snakes.
JBOY Dog now includes latest version of JBOY Chicken.
Fixed bug where multiple hand signals given during attack.
Dogs now stop after attacking person (instead of running off).
Many small improvements/tweaks.
A few more cool dog sound fx thanks to AZ Coder.


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