A3BANS by Mokey

Mokey submitted his A3BANS program.

    Quote :
    A3BANS allows for registered server owners to submit bans globally to try and stop hackers, cheaters, and exploiters from playing on servers in ARMA III. It also allows for non-registered users to download and search global bans.

    The point of the project is to Globalize bans, that deal with hacking, cheating, or exploiting, across all servers. It is a community driven bans list. All server owners will be able to add and remove bans. Authentication and security protocols were taken in the program to protect the servers information and your information also.

    How it works:
    Any server owner/personel can download the program and download, search, or view the bans.
    Registered Server Owners can remove and add global bans, with proof.
    Falsified bans will be removed and if you are sending falsified bans to the database, your account will be disabled and all bans you have posted will be removed.

    The point of this program is to try and make all ARMA servers 100% clean.

    Abuse of this application will not be tolerated, at all!.

    • Any User:
        - Search Bans
        - Download Ban List
        - Copy Ban List
    • Registered Server Owners:
        - Submit Global Bans
        - Remove Global Bans
        - Search Bans
        - Download Ban List
        - Copy Ban List

Written on 2016-11-10 13:48 by MokeyII  

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