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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.3

Short description: This script gives the functionality for resupply drop in MP/SP scenario.

Date: 2017-12-10 15:07

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Supply drop


This script/FSM gives the functionality for resupply drop in MP/SP scenario.
Created because the bis support resupply drop is not working in MP currently.

Installation / Usage:
For usage instructions and information of how to use the Supply drop script please refer to the included example mission.

This is similar to support virtual resupply drop module, gives the possibility to select aircraft types, box types and its init by editing the

//*************************** editable **************************//
private _heliclass = selectRandom [


private _boxclass = selectRandom [



private _chuteType = "B_Parachute_02_F";
private _boxCode = compile "null = [_this] spawn fnc_dropboxinit;";
private _helistart = "helistartpos";// marker where the heli spawns or position array [posX,posY,posZ]

//*************************** editable **************************//

Edit the above to fit your needs.
For helicopter spawn position create a marker somewhere on the map in editor or use position array.
Set it for _helistart variable value.

Copy paste all files (besides mission.sqm) from example mission to your mission or if your mission contains those files merge the files content.

Check init.sqf for this part.
//if you want to limit support to certain units add its classnames to the aray below
	//last entry without comma at the end
	//uncomment "All" if you want it for all players
	private _givesupport = [


Edit/add your desired class names which players will have the drop menu available or Un-comment "All" for all players.

Edit support\dropbox.sqf as you want. Currently only arsenal,smoke,and IR added.

Put an Headquarters entity module (found in systems > Intel ) with:
VARIABLE NAME - hq_suppcomm
SIDE - select player side
CUSTOM CALLISGN - your custom callisgn (will be displayed with radio sentences)
SPEAKER - not important
That guy will handle the radio communications for you.

*fixed unitready statement which causing sometimes no box dropp on dedicated.

*Switched to FSM
*Switched execution to server
*Improved scripting

Small fix for event, when helicopter is on his way to base and get killed - was immediately deleted.

- first release

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- BI forums

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