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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 0.9
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Faces of War is a modification for ArmA 3 that tries to bring the scenario of the Second World War.

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Date: 2020-04-01 20:29

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Faces of War

Faces of War Dev Team

Faces of War is a modification for ArmA 3 that tries to bring the scenario of the Second World War. However to you bring you that kind of experience we work on specific areas of the war, like Europe, Afrika and the Pacific.

The mod aims to bring accurate content of the Second World War to the ArmA 3 Community. This will happen through a huge update process until we can confirm that we reached the point of beeing a total conversion!

We are currently working on the Western Front focusing on the Normandy 1944. The main forces from the United States of America, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan are currently being worked on with all the Uniforms, Weapons, Equipment and vehicle which belong to them.

To install Faces of War [WW2] you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
The Faces of War Development Team:
Hawk Silk

Former HIP team:
Waxbutter a.k.a. Rinze Ramon van de Kluft familie
Nico Pedersen
Timothy McHugh
Major Kudo
Benoit Malis

A special thanks to the UNSUNG team for the cooperation and to Sherminator, McHellsten, Dackhammar for the new toys!

License / Disclaimer:
We do not allow:
- Any edit to our files without permissions
- Any re-upload on Steam workshop
- Any commercial use (monetized servers included)

Added m1 carbine reload sounds
Added mp40 anim reloads
Added reload action for the greasegun
Added m1919 ui picture
Added PAK40
Added mission Op. Galvanic - Red Beach 1
Added new trenches by Fyuran
Added new Type92 model
Added missing weapons as placeable in editor
Added Dutch Commandos (No.2 Troop)
Added camo selection to US M41 uniform
Added M41 uniform color variants
Added M41 uniform for USMC
Added AI mortar fire support module
Added Suppression system for static weapons module
Added RoF system for statics (MG42, Type 99, M1919, Vickers)
Added rails and vegetation
Added Rommel asparagus
Added Gold Beach map
Fixed sniperspot model
Fixed weapons have no reload sounds
Fixed removed "open door" action for bunker 3 & 4
Fixed greasegun open bolt
Fixed fg42 some bullets were visible during reload
Fixed g43 mag was moving in the opposite way during reload
Fixed can't get in static weapons from behind
Fixed Shotgun ammo were invisible
Fixed type95 firing effects
Fixed US Bandoleer clipping issue
Fixed mortar sight view & added Direction value on the UI
Fixed Chinese voices
Fixed M42 texture bug
Fixed enfield magazine for reload animation was not visible
Fixed mortar ammo boxes can now be dragged with ACE
Fixed lod order m1897_bayonet
Reworked smg AI firing behaviour
Tweaked hit value for rockets
Tweaked fire geo for bunkers 3 & 4
Tweaked reload time for static weapons
Tweaked M4A2 hull gunner aim handling
Tweaked tone of US gear
Tweaked gunnerview for mortars
Synched reload animation for mg42
Synched reload and bolt animation for type99
Synched reload animation for mp40
Synched reload animation for lee enfield
Synched reload animation for m1a1

v0.7 release - Hotfix 1 - 15.04.2018
- Fixed Kokoda crash
- Fixed mkII Helmet with foliage
- Fixed missing normal map on M2 helmet
- Fixed M1 Garand visual PING bug
- Fixed Sherman gunner position

- AB new helmets
- US helmets reworked
- ranks for AB
- Dutch Windmill asset
- Flags
- Horizon Islands Faction
- UK mkII helmet with Foliage camo
- Fallschirmjäger Knochensack Sumpftarn camo variant
- Panzer Lehr Division
- Some EU map assets (wip for now)
- M1903a1 modeloptics
- UK Para gear Khaki Variants
- Polish Paratroopers
- Polish Commandos (No.6 Troop)
- Polish Commando and Para berets
- UK Commando Wool hat Variant
- maroon and tan SAS berets
- Norwegian Commandos (No.5 Troop)
- cromwell optic 75mm (petrtlach)
- fow_optional_increasedGearCapacity_c
- A6M Zero (very wip)
- F6F Hellcat (very wip)
- new texture for NCO M1 helmet
- minor cfg tweaks
- improved attenuationEffectType for vehicles
- Kokoda:
- more FoW vegetation
- Some new tunnels/caves + filled in defence areas more
- EnvSound tweaks, shouldnt be silent anymore + river volume decreased slightly
- hatches sounds
- mk2 fak camo texture bug
- Cromwell tracks don't move
- Corrected spent cartridge eject location to bottom side for MG34 and MG42
- Panther coaxial MG smoke is coming from the main gun hole
- type 77 mg was very inaccurate
- folaige attached to the turret was moving with the gun barrel
- m5a1 collision
- mass for TNT
- mass value for m1928 (USMC)
- manual bolting module
- US Army M4A2 texture bugged in VG
- USMC Rifleman (M1 Carbine) has an M1 Garand webbing instead of the carbine one
- cromwell commander cupola can now rotate
- AB uniform improved
- removed movements' sounds for the moment
- Improved garand ping sound (fixed MP bug)
- improved get out\in for statics

- removed fow_map_kokoda.pbo (file not signed)


Handerson Airfield map
Bike horn for truppenfahrrad
GMC Truck
Type 97 truck
Type 95 Ha-Go
Kubelwagen (MG)
Sd.kfz. 222
Sd.kfz. 234/1
Sd.kfz. 250
Sd.kfz. 250/9
Sd.kfz. 251
Universal carrier

Sd.kfz. 251 wreck
Type 95 Ha-Go wreck
Sd.kfz. 222 wreck
Willys wreck
Universal Carrier wreck

Dienstglas 6x30 binoculars
German Nb39B Smoke grenade
British no.82 "Gammon bomb"
British no.79 Smoke grenade
British no.77 White Phosphorous Grenade
British no.73 Anti-tank grenade
British no.69 Hand grenade
TNT explosives
M1919a4 tripod
M1919a6 deployed
MG 34 General-purpose machine gun
Gewehr 43 Semi-automatic rifle
FG42 Fallschirmjäger gewehr
MG 42 deployed
Radom Vis P35
Pistole 640(b)
Walther PPK
Welrod Mk.II Silenced pistol
P08 Luger
Zf41 scope (thanks to the Unsung Team)
M1912 shotgun
Ithaca shotgun
Springfield M1903 (Thanks to Toadie)
Panzerfaust (Klein, 30, 60, 100)
Rifle No.5 Jungle carbine
No.4 bayo for Rifle No.4
M1 Garand tracers ammo

US munitions containers
UK munitions containers
IJA munitions containers
German Fallschirmjäger Drop canister

UK SEAC units
UK Radio operator unit
UK LT textures for PIB, BP, and CAN 01 and 02
UK RHA beret variants
UK RTR beret variants
UK Radio backpack green variant
UK Backpack variant with shovel
UK Jungle hat

US Engineer, Radio operator, Sniper, Rifleman M1903a1, SMG guner M1a1, SMG gunner M3, rifleman m1 Carbine, shotgun riflemen
US Army paratroopers and gear (82nd & 101st)
M37 & M41 US groups and units
US Army Merril's Marauders units
US Army HBT uniform variants
USMC camo uniform variants
US M1 helmet NCO variant
US M1 helmet folded variant
US M1 closed variant
US Haversack M-1928 variant
A4 Wool Cap (nvg slot)
US Daisy Mae hat variants
AUS faction
M4A2 US army markings by Jaki

Waffen SS uniforms
Waffen SS M43 Smock
Wehrmacht Herringbone uniform
Wehrmacht Panzercrew uniforms & gears
Wehrmacht M42 helmet
German Fallschirmjäger Helmet with net
German backpack ammo boxes for MG34/42
German Torn radio backpack
German Backpack ammo boxes for MG34/42 as cosmetic options (NVG slot)
IJA rifleman AT (frag) unit
Parachute (placeholder)
Carlisle fak
Facegear items
Glasses, Gloves and Watches
Burned Characters

Reyhard's advises for caliber & hit calibration
AT disposable system
CSA comp for magazines
New main menu
Uniform icons pics


PIAT is now a primary weapon
Darkened US gear
M1 Garand dark texture variant
M1 Garand improved sight
STG44 texture
STG44 distance settings
Improved RoF sys
Disabled A3 protocols for IJA and GER units
Improved SS Peadot textures
Added ADV tag in the weapon backpack (mortars)
Improved Vickers shooting anims
New German M24 'Splittering' model
New German M24 Concussion Grenade model
Allies and Axis are set enemy by default for new scenarios
Increased capacity for all backpacks
Reworked US units load out
Reworked UK units load out
Handanim M55
M1a1 Thompson textures


Willys driver anim
Surfacesound wood on wx_woodenRoadBridge
Type99 reload bug
LCVP roadway bug
Wrong get in\out point for 6 pounder
British para webbing cargo space

- removed wip broken assets
- fixed type 99 sniper GL bug
- corret name for SS helmets (thanks to Toujiro-Kun)

Betio Tarawa Changelog:
- New Mask image
- Reworked Satmap
- Added underwater heightmap
- Fixed dust from surfaces
- Fixed surface sounds
- Fixed misplaced objects
- Fixed clutter
- Reworked sand surface
- Added new surfaces
- Added new nopx textures
- Added new vegetation
- Added Tarawa intro mission
- Defined runway correctly
- New lightning config
Sounds changelog:
- New bullet impact, sonic crack and flyby sounds
- Tweaked mechanism (1st person) sounds
- New or reworked sounds for M1919, Thompson, MG42 and Stg-44
- Range of gunfire sounds extended (to around 5 kilometers)
- Revised interior firing sounds
- Added visor hat officer (Heer)
- Added visor hat officer (SS)
- Added new version helmet (Heer)
- Added M40 Helmet Heer (Net)
- Added _net and _net_camo for U.K. helmets
- Added New Para beret
- Added Tornister rucksack (Medic version)
- Added Pea dot uniforms
- Added Feldmütze SS to SS units
- Added 1st Belgian Infantry Brigade "Brigade Piron"
- Added 3rd Canadian Division - Royal Winnipeg Rifles
- Added 3rd Canadian Division - British Columbia Regiment
- Changed us_soldier02 completely, with textures and rvmat
- Added Fallschirmjäger units
- Added IJA (foliage) squads and units
- Added Commando units & groups config
- Added IJA crewman
- Added crewman class for US/USMC
- Added US and IJA pilots
- Added 6 pounder (57mm gun)
- Added flak36
- Added M55 Reising submachinegun
- Added Vickers MG
- Added PIAT
- Added Bazooka
- Added Webley revolver
- Added Type 10 flare gun
- Added Type 99 AT grenade
- Added Type 99 Sniper version
- Added M1911 pistol (A2 port)
- Added Type 14 Nambu pistol
- Added Type 99 animations
- Added Enfield animations
- Added K98 animations
- Added Garand animations
- Added 50 & 100 round belts to the M1919
- Added new weapon inertia and aiming speed values
- Added Rifle grenade launchers: M7 for Garand and Type 2 for Arisaka Type 99
- Added truppenfahrrad (bicyle)
- Added whistle system (work in progress)
- Added Rate of Fire system (for AI) to all MGs
- Added cfg class for trees
- Added interior sounds and path LoD to Tarawa objects
- Added path lods for trenches
- Added M24 frags to German units
- Added weapon effects: heat distortion effect at muzzle / spent casings on the ground
- Added specific bolt cycling anim/time for each bolt-action rifle
- Added "FoW Main Theme" - composed by Jeast
- Added German and Japanese names
- Added U.K. combat shouts and IJA combat\aware chatter
- Changed mass of grenades
- Reviewed ammo storage for British and German
- Fixed the issue with some weapons sinking into the ground
- Fixed wrong diplay names for mortar bags
- Added optics for mortars (work in progress)
- Muted radio protocol of German and Japanese units
- Fixed: patches were out of the camo selection for the U.K. lieutenant
- Improved BAR: sight adjustment, bipod and carry handle removable, back stock texture
- Fixed wood surfaces of pier roadway
- Fixed spamming of ejected Garand clips
- Improved bolt action MP compatibility
- Fixed LCVP turrets (could rotate 360)
- Fixed: reset fire modes after each shot (Mortar sys)
- Fixed: headgear can't be stored in uniforms and vests
- Fixed: LCVP could load 60 soldiers
- Raised volume of US chatter
- Fixed name for IJA squads
- Willys Jeep optimization
- Improved "lodu_cask_heer01" (textures and the 3d)
- Changed trench assets moved to a proper category
- Fixed commando texture bug
- Improved U.S. equipement (3d, textures, rvmat)
- Fixed Bergenpack weighting
- Fixed: "black spot" (on the back of U.K. para)

- Vegetation has been upgraded
- Bolt action script has been ported to the new EH
- German uniforms
- mk2 net texture
- Feldmutze texture

- New vegetation models
- M2 mortar
- Type 97 mortar
- Mortar system
- New logo
- Death screams
- Ambient voices system (still wip)
- STG44 (Sherminator & UNSUNG TEAM)
- Sten mk 5
- M1919A4
- M1919A6 (McHellsten, Dackhammar & UNSUNG TEAM)
- Zeus comp for units and vehicles
- UK paras
- UK Commando
- UK vest retextures
- cfgGroups entry for uk
- cfgGroups entry for us
- cfgGroups entry for usmc
- UK berets
- Path lods to a lot of objects
- New enfield variation

- type92 ROF
- some more

v0.1 alpha

- Community Base addons A3

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- BI forums

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