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The Faces of War Dev Team informed us they have released the first alpha version of the Faces of War [WW2] mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Lacking manpower even after merging with Hell in The Pacific, we decided for a "DLC-like" thematic release schedule with every release focusing on a certain Operation. Hereby, on the 73rd anniversary of Operation Galvanic, in the name of Faces of War Dev. Team I'm releasing our first public alpha, featuring the assault on Japanese-held Betio island by the USMC.
    But there's more!
    The assets, infact, are not limited to the pacific theatre, British and Germans soldiers that fought on the western front are included in this first package.
    Here a quick list of what you can find in this first release:
    • 4 factions (UK, GER, US, JAP) including many uniform variants and vests
    • 2 vehicles (LCVP, Willys Jeep)
    • 3 weapons per faction (Rifle, SMG, LMG)
    • 1 map : Betio Tarawa
    • bolt action system - you can either use manual bolting module (bolt cycling on clicking) or stick to the default system which triggers bolt operation upon releasing the mouse button
    • A module that limits the usage of the items stored in the backpack

    It's Alpha because...
    Weapons have no reloading animations
    Majority of the island and some other assets are not up to Arma 3 standards
    sounds are placeholders and their configuration is far from perfect
    ...But other than that it's fully functional and playable.
    We're hoping to recruit some really talented artists (modelers, texturers, animators) from our playerbase to help us polish and extend the mod in the future.

    Thanks and enjoy!

Written on 2016-11-20 22:59 by Armaholic  

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