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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.1

Short description: Script package for Arma 3 mission makers that allows players to call in air support for target tracking and air strikes.

Date: 2017-02-27 13:00

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Incon Airpower


Script package for Arma 3 mission makers that allows players to call in air support for target tracking and air strikes. Unlike other CAS scripts, Incon Airpower simulates high-altitude strikes where the aircraft is neither visible nor audible from the ground. The aicraft itself is not spawned, only simulated. Ideal for single player and low-player-count COOP (lots of players using tracking may cause considerable server lag).

Optional unit tracking on map, with accuracy that degrades with overhead cover, weather etc. (only shows targets that would be visible from overhead).
(optional) restrict to units with UAV terminal only
differentiates between friendlies (blue), unarmed infantry (white), armed infantry (pink), civilian vehicles (white, large) and non-friendly vehicles (pink, large).
Call in guided airstrikes with the radio menu.
Mark targets with laser, smoke, chemlights or IR strobes (night only for chemlights and strobes).
Missiles and bombs will track their targets (thanks to a slightly modified version of kylania's awesome guided missile script).
Aircraft can lock on to and track vehicles, infantry etc if they are detected near the target mark and the player chooses.
Optional collateral damage assesment by pilot - checks for nearby friendlies, civilians and sensitive targets and will automatically disengage if collateral damage is deemed too high
If using a laser designator, the player can mark multiple targets at once and give clearance for a simultaneaous strike
mark 2 tanks and an infantry patrol, and the aircraft will track and engage those targets simultaneously, even if they move
repeat your last mark if in doubt
if your final target is a laser mark, the aircraft will engage your laser mark while it is active, and revert to your original mark position if it looses your laser mark
Realistic air speeds of ordnance
the higher the altitude of the aircraft (recommended at least 3000m), the longer the ordnance will take to hit the target
missiles will travel faster than bombs
No need for map with airstrip or adding in any aircraft
Restrict JTAC capabilities to units with certain items in their inventory

Installation / Usage:
For usage instructions and information of how to use the Incon Airpower please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

Place "INC_airpower" folder into your mission root folder.
If you have no description.ext or initPlayerLocal.sqf, place these files into your mission root folder too. Otherwise, add the lines from them into your corresponding description.ext and initPlayerLocal.sqf files.
Open the "INC_airpower\APW_setup.sqf" file and configure the settings to your liking.
Decide how to call for air support.
If you want players to call it using a specific object (like a laptop or something) then, in the init of the object, write:
this addaction ["Request air support","INC_airpower\scripts\airpowerSpawn.sqf",[],1,false,true,"","!(missionNamespace getVariable ['APW_airAssetRequested',false])"];
If you want the player to call it from their action menu, in the playable unit's init, write:
this setVariable ["APW_initAddaction",true];
If you want the player to call it from a radio trigger (radio Alpha), in the playable unit's init, write:
this setVariable ["APW_initRadioTrig",true];
Call air support using radio Charlie once it has been requested.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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License / Disclaimer:

Rewrote script for full MP compatibility
Reduced radio trigger usage in favour of "CAS Interact" menu
Added status report option
All units can interact with CAS provided they have necessary item
Fixed: JIP issues
Fixed: player leaving during CAS request would make script hang
Fixed: script hanging if player leaves after a strike request
Made script more robust overall (should prevent issues where CAS apparently remains active despite players not being able to use it)
CAS status now remote to server, strikes still local to client
Removed superfluous game objects
Reduced time between choosing to mark with laser and confirming mark
All variables now synchronise properly across clients and server
Increased airpower engaging timeout
Added the ability to use the action menu to interact with CAS rather than Radio Charlie. This should help mitigate conflicts with certain addons/scripts (thanks to law-giver for the feedback)

Add multiple ordnance types for a single strike
Choose to manually track targets / select targets to track
Better detection of target markers
When marking multiple targets for an airstrike, the aircraft no longer looks for targets that are already marked for the current strike
Automatic detection of dusk and dawn.
Quicker voice procedure
Numerous bugfixes and code cleanups (plus the script will reset itself after a short time if there are any errors, preventing issues where the script would get stuck indefinitely)

Configurable number of sorties - call for air cover repeatedly up to the maximum number of available CAS missions.
Added a configurable interval between unsuccessful requests for air cover - an unsuccessful request no longer means no chance of air cover for the rest of the mission.
Timeout on radio messages - if you don't respond in a reasonable (configurable) time, the script will reset, preventing various issues with the script remaining active forever and not resetting.
Script now resets on player death.
Enhanced accuracy of tracked strikes.
Better handling of completed and aborted missions.
Other tweaks and refinements.

Adds the ability to call air support from the radio menu on mission start.
Also adds the ability to add an action to specific units to request request air support.

- increased performance and reliability of tracking, adjusted timings, no longer tracking birds, snakes and rabbits

v0.101a hotfix
- fixed legacy "compromised" variable error, script should now work!

v0.1 - Initial Alpha release

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