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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 0.13 alpha

Short description: The INC_Scripts_A3 is a collection of scripts for Arma 3 mission makers primarily designed to be used with ALiVE and ACE in SP / Co-op scenarios.

Date: 2017-01-11 17:13

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Incon Scripts A3


Basically, INC_Scripts_A3 is a collection of scripts for Arma 3 mission makers (currently only 3 but I am planning more if I can get around to it). They are primarily designed to be used with ALiVE and ACE in SP / Co-op scenarios.

These are available as an early Alpha.

  • INC_Undercover
      Go undercover as a civilian, become a local hero, recruit other civilians, cause mayhem. Features an optimised detection system that allows you to maintain cover as long as you are careful and choose your targets well as well as automatic group persistence for recruited AI between persistent ALiVE sessions. Designed specifically for ALiVE - be the guerilla.
      Requires: CBA, ALiVE Civ Placement Modules (for civilian recruitment)

      Status: Experimental release. Feature complete, untested in Coop but works well in dedicated server / SP environments.
  • INC_Intel:
      Enemy units drop intel when they are killed. Allows units to hack into enemy radio networks and see nearby groups on the map, as well as track cellphone contacts. Also reveals enemy installations.
      Requires: CBA

      Status: Initial (early Alpha) release.
  • INC_groupPersist:
      Provides persistence for non-playable AI teammates (in player group) between play sessions when ALiVE data is present using iniDBI2. Saves full unit information for up to 11 AI teammates and loads it when there is corresponding ALiVE persistent player information.
      Requires: CBA, ALiVE, iniDBI2, (works best with TADST in SP / Coop locally hosted dedicated server sessions)

      Status: Experimental release.

Installation / Usage:
Check individual readme files in the respective addon folders for more information.

For usage instructions and information of how to use the Incon Scripts A3 please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

Unzip all files into your mission root folder. If you already have a description.ext or init.sqf, add the lines from these files into your pre-existing ones.
Inside the INCON\INC_undercover and INCON\INC_intel folders, you will find the XXX_setup.sqf files. Edit these to your preference. Also read the readme in the respective folders to find out how to set up the scripts fully for your mission.

I currently have no way to test these scripts further as my main PC died so please let me know if something doesn't work as expected. And please remember to alter the settings to your preferences. Feedback is always welcome!

v0.13 alpha
Optional hints reveal when you are acting suspiciously, making it easier to see the magic at play.
Vehicles are now handled - get in a civilian vehicle and you will not be spotted instantly even if you aren't wearing incognito equipment.
Driving more than 50m offroad can blow your cover (optional).
Vehicle checks work on AI teammates too - if they drive off road like lunatics, they will be given the same treatment as the player.

v0.11 alpha

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