Beanz - Inventory items (with survive-mode) by Mr.jizz
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Mr.jizz released an updated version of his Beanz - Inventory items (with survive-mode) on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    So, about six months ago I decide to have a go at scripting as I wanted to start my own multiplayer server and I am about 80% ready for my server to go public.
    Along the way I have learn't so much about arma scripting, I did come to a dead end with mods tho, I was originally using scorch's items which done the job but there was a few more things I needed and that included models to go along with the inventory item icons.
    So after countless hours searching google I decided to make my own, and here it is!
    Sorry I only have 1 item so far (dam! I take my hat off to all the modellers out there), but I will carry on updating it with items I want and if you want you can add your suggestions too.

    • added water bottles (water full/empty/drity).
    • added tent
    • added sleeping bag
    • interactions:
        - build tent
        - unpack sleeping bag
        - fill water bottle near water
        - boil dirty water near fire

Written on 2017-01-14 11:11 by Armaholic  

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