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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.1 beta

Short description: Script allow you to put guns on the interior objects, move these objects and stack them to build a compositions for various tasks.

Date: 2016-12-24 08:18

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Interrior Objects Interaction Script


Script allow you to put guns on the interior objects, move these objects and stack them to build a compositions for various tasks. The script is compact, efficient in terms of performance and can be easily integrated into user missions by copying a single file.

Technically, the script does not need to run anything other than the original game. But to take full advantage of its capabilities you need to be able to climb on objects and free your hands from weapons. To do this, you can use any mod or script provides such abilities. Choose what you like more. I use Enhanced Movementp addon from Bad Benson.

Installation / Usage:
Usage is prettiy simple, just copy files from Script folder to your mission folder.

Known issues:
Some of objects have unrealistic default weight. For example gardening plastic table weighs 99 kg, camp lantern - 10 kg, small plastic ammo crate - 500 kg, and so on. This should be remedied by the mission designer. Fortunately we have the setMass command. Also script contains special function to fix it in batch manner.
Sometimes player stuck in weapon holstering animation when puts weapon to the ground from a kneeling position. Take weapon back solves the problem.
Sometimes, due to properties of game physics, military crates attached to the player, can throw him up.

v2.1 Beta
New choosing the place algorithm for putting items. It allows to more precisely place objects, even in hard to reach places. The body direction determines items direction, while the camera direction relative to the body determines the location where items will be placed.
Added optional marker indicating position and direction at which items will be put. Whiteboard in demo mission has an menu action to control, show a marker or not.

v2.0 beta
Interaction logic changed to make usability more intuitive and clear. Appearance of command menu option is now guarantee that the corresponding action can be initiated without any additional conventions.
Added ability to move simple objects like camping lanterns, whiteboards and different decorative objects.
Added continuous control of carry process. Now at any moment player can elevate object by change stance or drop when got damage or ran out of stamina.
Weight of held object affects stamina. Lightweight object can be held indefinitely long, while heavy object will exhaust you very quickly.
Now player able to move objects with weapon in hands, but it also increases exhaustion speed of stamina.
Added function to batch override mass of objects to predefined values.
Now it is possible to specify height of the upper surface individually for each object class. This allows to correct positioning of items on a complex shape objects like chairs or benches.
Support of multi-surface objects like shelves and racks.

- first release

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