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Requirements: RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, RHS: United States Armed Forces, RHS: GREF, CUP Terrains Complete
Island(s): Sahrani
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible

Version: 1.0

Date: 2016-12-21 11:48

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Free the Officer

Slovakian Lynx

This is a remake of a small mission, that I made for ArmA: Armed Assault a long time ago. Back than, it was really simple, as I did’t knew much about mission making, so I thoght it would be nice to create a better one in ArmA 3.
My ArmA 2 mission Free the Pilot was alsow inspired by it.
The mission is dubbed, however only by text-to-speech, due to my limited knowlidge of russian language. I alsow used internet translator for it, so it may not be correct.

-You play as Russian special sqad and are tasked to liberate a officer, that is being held in an enemy village.
-You can select from alot of weapons in the briefing before mission starts.
-Custom music, that plays randomly.
-Custom notification icons.

Place the .pbo file into your ArmA 3 missions directory. Example: C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\Missions

This mission was primary made for Singleplayer and wasn’t probably tested online, so it might not be that great, when played in Multiplayer mode.

Please report any bugs, if you encouter them. It really helps in improving the mission.

Known issues:
AIs like to get stuck, in the old buggy Sahrani buildings. Just teamswith to your squad mates, if it happens to them.

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RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
RHS: United States Armed Forces
CUP Terrains Complete

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