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Version: 1.5

Short description: This archive contains 264 combat ambience sounds which can be used in your missions.

Date: 2016-12-29 16:25

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Cold War Rearmed² - combat ambience sounds

CWR² Team

This archive contains 264 combat ambience sounds which can be used in your missions.
Good guy nettrucker sent me these many months back but none of the people I asked for helping
with doing a preselection of sounds ever bothered to do so.
Unfortunately I also never had enough time to add these files into an addon as it was planned.
While preparing the v1.5 release I ran into the files again and decided that just forgetting about them
would be a shame. These fine sounds deserve to be used somewhere. Finally I made the decision to
release these sounds as they are and let people use them individually in their projects.
The only thing I changed was converting the files from .wav to .wss - everything else is purely
nettrucker’s work.

here is some very basic instruction on how to add one of these files into your mission:
1. 1) Copy the file(s) you want to use into a ‘sounds’ folder inside your mission folder. In this example
we use „combamb1.wss“ from the „Combat Ambience 1“ folder.
If you don’t know where your mission folder is or how in the world you create a new folder...
forget about all this and play Altis Life.
2. Edit (or create) the description.ext file in your mission folder. Create (or edit) the class CfgSounds
sections to add the sound from this example:
class CfgSounds
sounds[] = {};
class combat_ambience_1 //unique name for the sound
name = "Combat Ambience 1"; //A description of your sound
sound[] = {"\sounds\combamb1",db+0,1}; //Path to your sound file
titles[] = {}; //Not required since no subtitles
If you don’t know what the eff a description.ext file is - why are you still here then?
3. The sound is now ready to be used in your mission. To use it create a new trigger in your mission
with these parameters:
Size x/y : 1
Activation: Anybody, not present. Repeatedly or once as you desire
Click the „Effects“ button, in the „Anonymous“ list your sound should be listed at
the bottom as "Combat Ambience 1".
Note: This is for ArmA II. I have no idea how this has changed in A3 nor do I care about this futuristic
crap. Don’t even try asking me for help on how to make these sounds work there.

Credits & Thanks:
nettrucker Everything required to make this happen.

License/ Disclaimer:
The use of this modification is at your own risk. The members of the CWR² team are not responsible for any damage caused to your PC or your game installation.
This is not an official Bohemia Interactive product, they do not provide any support for this modification.
You are not allowed to use parts of this modification for your own addons/modifications without our permission.
You are not allowed to port this modification, or parts of it, to ARMA 3. Don’t even ask for permission. This includes modifying configs so CWR² or parts of it can be used in ARMA 3. We do not wish to see our work in that game, period.
Absolutely no commercial use of this modification is allowed. This includes monetization on youtube, charging users for downloads or collecting ‘donations’ for running a server or even for allowing people to play on your server.
Any modification of the included missions (campaigns, SP and MP) is strictly prohibited. If you have suggestions to improve them, contact us and we see what can be done.
No files in this package may be altered without expressed permission by the original authors and by CWR² members.
Copyright © 2001-2015 Cold War Rearmed² Team. All rights reserved.
ArmA II: Cold War Rearmed² is distributed under the same conditions as ARMA 2. See the EULA for ARMA 2.
“Operation Flashpoint” is a registered trademark of Codemasters.


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