G.O.S Leskovets by GOS_Makhno
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GOS_Makhno released his G.O.S Leskovets terrain on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    G.O.S Leskovets is a 400 kmĀ² map of rural farmland featuring 40 villages.
    It's mostly inspired from the landscape of Southern Burgundy's "bocage" with hedgerows enclosed fields, many wooded areas and some open fields, but with eastern european/baklanic names as I feel it's better scenario wise.

    This of course is an early version and there are many small defects, be wary of trees too close or on the roads.

    • Added a secondary roads network. Now you can try to bypass the villages.
    • Added many small settlements ( more will be added later).
    • Redone the Satelite image for better color unity (still some work to do)
    • redone/removed/cleared vegetation where applicable.

Written on 2017-02-20 19:40 by Armaholic  

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