MK18 MOD 0 by Road Runner
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Road Runner released his MK18 MOD 0 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This isn't a port from A2 addon , it's the SOTG M4A5 with the barrel shortened to 10.5"
    The textures are from Sabre found on various M4 weapons that use the same model (found at gamebanana)
    I've included one of the desert variant camo's from RH's A2 MK18 addon.

    Points of interest:
    The LMT cut down rear sight is fixed in place, and doesn't dissapear when optics are used, it's not suposed to, as that was one of the main features of the MK18 Mod 0, it was designed for use by Navy SEAL's for CQBR, using Red dot sights and in particular the M68 aimpoint around that time.I've seen plenty of them in Iraq, I had my own personal one from 2004-2008, and used it with my own M68/Eotech 552.

    • version 1.7:
        - removed obsolete test model left over from last update
    • version 1.6:
        - Added 3 additional LODS

Written on 2017-02-23 07:58 by Armaholic  

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