Simple IED Script by phronk
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Phronk released his Simple IED Script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    'Simple IED Script' will spawn IEDs on / alongside random road segments within predetermined IED area markers setup by the mission designer. The position, direction, appearance, and blast magnitude of the IEDs are all random. Additionally, the script will also spawn trash randomly along the roads; trash can sometimes spawn on the position of an IED as well. The script is tiny, optimized, and compatible in all environments (SP, MP, Dedi). It doesn't require any addons or additional scripts and is compatible with any map that has roads.

    • Tiny filesize! 2KB
    • Fast performance
    • Compatible with SP, MP, and Dedicated
    • Works on any map with roads
    • Doesn't require any mods or additional scripts
    • Easy to implement!
    • Randomized Results:
        -IED type spawned
        -IED blast magnitude is random (damage / radius)
        -IED position & direction
        -Chance for trash to spawn with IED
        -Trash appearance variety
    • IEDs are proximity based:
        -If player is within 10 meters of IED AND is moving faster than a slow crawl, the IED will detonate
    • IEDs can be disarmed:
        -If player is an Explosive Specialist and has a ToolKit, he can slow crawl up to the IED safely and disarm it
        -IEDs can be detected with a Mine Detector

Written on 2017-02-16 20:35 by Armaholic  

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