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Requirements: CUP Terrains Core

Version: 40.01
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This contains all the objects for the I44 Terrains addons.

Date: 2020-06-09 18:08

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WW2 Objects


The basic idea is to give terrain makers more objects to work with.

* This is a standalone pack - so it does not require IFA3 or I44 terrains!
* CUP Terrains Core is needed as many objects were built making use of A1 and A2 data in CUP Terrains Core.
* It is required both by the server and clients - otherwise players or AI would not have those objects!

More details and a wiki overview will follow soon.


* Beton Objects
* I44 Objects
* IFA3 Objects LITE
* OPX Wheat

To install WW2 Objects you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

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Credits & Thanks:
I44 Objects authors

MCN_Objects - McNools
PLR_Trees - Prowler
MB_Veg - Mikebart
I44_Objects_Bunker - Johnsart
TTW_Rocks/TTW1_Objects/TTW_Plants - ?
Vine_Fence - ?

Note: This is an official port authorized by I44 team members (canukausiuka and GuyThomas).

kju is steffen.trombke on Steam

Fixed: world coordinates of Merderet and Bulge.
Changed: moved base surfaces definition to objects.
Changed: moved I44 ambience sounds for terrains to objects container.
Changed: moved I44 surface sounds for terrains to objects container.
Changed: moved I44 surfaces to a separate config file.
Improved: tweaked mud and beach maxSpeedCoef.
Fixed: grass had too much dust generated.
Changed: made AI no longer go prone in high clutter surfaces (AIAvoidStance=1/2).
Updated: Operation crossing point (adjusted I44 Merderet for KOTH 1944) by Remember Sega.
Fixed: removed non fitting jungle bird sounds near vegetation.

Added: Operation crossing point (adjusted I44 Merderet for KOTH 1944) by Remember Sega.
Changed: disabled crickets/cicadas next to bushed for all I44 terrains.
Fixed: buggy sun in I44 Winter terrains in specific light conditions.

Updated: I44 Omaha v2:
- Removed bugged church.
- Removed beach pebbles decals.
- Repositioned main church correctly.
- Improved micro-terrain with lower cell size.
Changed: reduced distance haze in I44 terrains.

Updated: authors for I44 Omaha thanks to Pac!

Changed: Meredet Winter river is now brown and not blue like a Cherenkov radiation.

Changed: reverted terrain lighting for all I44 Winter terrains.

Added: custom lighting, skybox and horizont to I44 terrains thanks to Fabio Chavez!
Changed: tonemapMethod = 2 in I44 terrains (relates to above).
Improved: I44 terrains satmaps are now darker.
Improved: I44 surface textures are now darker.

Improved: sea now has tides I44 Omaha beach.

Updated: replaced objects with Winter variants in I44 Winter terrains.

Changed: set Winter surface sounds for Neaville Winter.
Changed: Winter grass surface sound for Merderet Winter to use snowgrass type.

Added: Merderet V3
- Added 4 new town areas, a canal door and a lot of minor details
- Some more heightmap edits
- Removed some of those huge rocks
- Replaced all I44 cobble textures with new high-res textures
- Added AI friendly roads + dirt road texture
- Flattened some road areas that needed it
- Removed gliders (mission asset)
- Small road sign position tweaks
- Fixed baguette missiles
Changed: renabled (adjusted) ambient life for terrains.
Changed: removed non fitting animals in ambient life for Winter terrains.
Changed: added eagle and crowes to ambient life thanks to Evil Organ!

v17 - 2017-03-07
Fixed: longitude and latitude for Colleville and Panovo thanks to Jegor!
Fixed: missing damage, class and map named properties in trench models.
Fixed: missing Land_ tag for trenches.
Fixed: missing name for Hata 1 Ruins.
Fixed: missing name for Mil Barracks and Shed M01.
Fixed: missing tag for trench classes.

v16 - 2017-02-19
Added: custom terrain lighting thanks to metalcraze!
Changed: improved terrain lighting thanks to Taro!
Updated: i44World configuration to APEX/Tanoa standards.
Updated: surface configuration to A3 standards.
Updated: environment sound configuration to APEX/Tanoa standards.
Updated: rebuilt terrains with TB, and SAT-MASK to A3 standards.
Updated: vegetation models to A3 standards.
Added: all terrain objects (buildings, objects, vegetation) to the editor.
Changed: redone data structure completely akin to better standards.
Changed: replaced duplicate A1/A2 data in favor of CUP Core.
Changed: improved a couple of model assets.
Added: author tag.
Added: picture maps for terrains (image in terrain selection and while loading).
Added: EditorPreview images.
Added: displayName to editor objects.
Added: mapSize parameter to terrains.
Added: missing fogHeight parameter.
Added: minHillsAltitude/maxHillsAltitude parameter as reference.
Changed: more requiredAddons[] dependencies to group the terrains in the 2d editor selection.
Added: new Thunderbolt sounds from APEX.
Changed: tweaked forest sounds to be less prevalent thanks to El Tyranos.
Improved: lowered forest ambient sound.
Fixed: missing distance parameter for a few EnvSounds.
Added: rubble footstep sound (roadway rubble texture).
Improved: roadway LOD (added soundstep textures).
Changed: soundHit from "hard_ground" to "soft_ground" for a few surfaces.
Changed: surfaces to use soundEnviron from APEX.
Changed: tagged custom soundEnviron parameters.
Added: armor named property in various models.
Added: viewdensitycoef named property in various models.
Added: default parameters to terrain base class.
Fixed: frequent named property in various models.
Changed: standardized Grid stepY to negative value as to A3 system.
Changed: disabled faulty airport for Merderet.
Changed: CfgSurfaces "files" entries to use lowercase for all characters (fixes missing clutter in game).
Changed: reverted Bulge data to A2 version.
Fixed: missing Land classes.
Fixed: missing Land tag to classes.
Fixed: duplicated some data to be available for I44 objects.
Improved: displayName wording.
Improved: tag/class naming.
Improved: made surface files use unique naming.
Improved: tagged clutter, surface and surfaceCharacters classes.
Improved: coding of Structures configs.
Improved: inheritance.
Improved: fire geometry LOD.
Improved: added shadow LODs.
Improved: added fire geometry materials.
Improved: Resolution LODs (better intermediate LOD).
Improved: Firegeometry LOD (added penetration material).
Improved: Shadowlod (better first LOD).
Changed: disabled midDetailTexture from 3rd party container (plr_bulge) - needs review.
Changed: disable obsolete pictureMap.
Changed: scope to public for ruins and some other terrain objects.
Changed: disabled outdated Ambient definitions.
Changed: disabled unused and faulty clutter model.
Changed: float value display.
Changed: tweaked Grid settings for Neaville.
Changed: renamed classes with unique type tag.
Changed: moved layers rvmat and paa to standard Data\Layers\ subfolder.
Changed: I44_hrt1p.p3d to use a new dirt rvmat.
Changed: disabled I44_Omaha - V2 version is more complete in any way.
Changed: replace spaces in files names with underscore character.
Changed: disable infinite terrain for now.
Changed: disable definition of existing class (in IFA3).
Updated: class names to reflect p3d names.
Changed: disabled custom icon.
Fixed: wrp name = world class name.
Fixed: Strange convex component22 & component23 in ww2_i44_terrains\structures_m\i44_objects_misc_m\i44_guard_post_1.p3d:geometry.
Fixed: missing geometry LOD.
Fixed: wrong texture name "mb_c_grassLush01_no.paa".
Fixed: roadway textures and firegeometry materials.
Fixed: strange colors in Ardenne house models by binarizing them again.
Fixed: minTreesInForestSquare and minRocksInRockSquare have to be defined in each terrain class to be found by binarize in all cases.
Fixed: geolod information in file header.
Fixed: merged near points * technical LODs cleanup in I44_hrt1p.p3d.
Fixed: Ardennen houses transparency.
Fixed: ww2_i44_terrains\worlds_r\surfaces_r\i44_omaha\i44_omaha_dry.rvmat: Unknown vertex shader id=0x80000000.
Fixed: container location of world configs.
Fixed: disable ladders in specific models.
Fixed: missing classes for models with class=house and class=streetlamp.
Fixed: missing classes for models with class=house.
Fixed: location naming to A3 standard.
Fixed: renamed p3d to have I44 tag.
Fixed: scope configuration.
Fixed: scope value.
Fixed: path to surface texture.
Fixed: file type from tga to paa.
Fixed: disabled midDetailTexture from Chernarus.
Fixed: missing pictureShot for I44_Omaha.
Fixed: removed faulty mass named property in a few models.
Fixed: added dummy ils parameters until CUP inheritance of PLR_Buldge is adjusted.
Fixed: missing p3d extensions.
Fixed: missing wss extensions.
Improved: church models and textures.
Improved: church MLODs * fixed faulty resolution LODs (base and part2) * closed shadow LODs.
Changed: disabled church's destruction effect.
Changed: damage=no in church's geometry LODs.
Fixed: faulty proxy path in Church's tower.
Fixed: path to church.bisurf.
Fixed: church's models bad tagg count.
Fixed: missing church.bisurf file.
Fixed: some missing church's textures.
Updated: units[] in cfgPatches.
Updated: units[] and requiredAddons[] in cfgPatches.
Improved: cfgPatches headers.
Improved: config inheritance design.
Updated: world inheritance design.
Fixed: EnvSounds inheritance design.
Fixed: class Church inheritance.
Changed: merged configs into new containers.
Added: prefix to new containers.
Added: configs to new containers.
Changed: renamed folder name to non special characters.
Changed: moved mb_* data to correct container.
Changed: rename 0ca\ to ca\ paths.
Updated: moved files to new prefix and folder structure.
Updated: path in rvmat to new prefix and folder structure.
Updated: path in wrp to new prefix and folder structure.
Updated: path in p3d to new prefix and folder structure.
Updated: path in configs to new prefix and structure.
Removed: duplicated models from CUP.
Removed: deprecated models.
Removed: unused rvmats.
Removed: obsolete custom CfgVehicleClasses.
Removed: faulty and obsolete model.
Removed: outdated 0ca data.

- CUP Terrains Core

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