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Requirements: CUP Terrains Core, WW2 Objects

Version: 40.01
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This contasins the Invasion 1944 Terrains, ported to Arma 3.

Date: 2020-06-09 18:08

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I44 Terrains


This is an official port authorized by I44 team members (canukausiuka and GuyThomas).


Author: Santiago_Vazquez


* Area about 25km^2
* 1 meter heightmap resolution
* Terrain 5x5km
* Height is between 5 to 100m full of hills and some lowlands
* 1 town, 4 villages

Geographical description

Merderet is a river which crosses the Cotentin Peninsula from South to North.
The meanders of the Merderet river are the main geomorphological unit on the zone,
aside from the hills. The north part is covered by forest, and ruled by a medieval
castle named "Châteu de Bossom". The main urban area is Chef Du Pont, surrounded
by some little villages and their tillage lands. In the South of the map lies
the ruins of "Châteu de Guy-Son". Chef Du Pont is between the Utah and Omaha beaches.

Historical review

The objective of Mission Boston was to consolidate beachheads to protect the landing
of the US 7th Army Corps in UTAH beach at D-Day, as part of Operation Overlord.
6.420 Paratroopers from 82 nd and 101 st Airborne Divisions would jump five hours
ahead of the main landing to take control of the strategic crossroads, bridges and
towns such as Ste. Mére-Eglise and the bridges of Chef-du Pont and La Fiére on the
Merderet river. When German defenders realized that the invasion had started a great
extension of land was inundated from the sluicegates of Carentan making these two
bridges vital for heading inland and join the forces landed at Omaha beach as well
as to cut off the Cotentin peninsula towards West, so they would become the theater
of several German counterattacks between D-Day at 2:00 a.m. and the arrival of Major
General J. Lawton Collins’ VII Corps at the village of Chef-du-Pont in 9 of June.


* Area about 25km^2
* 1 meter heightmap resolution
* Terrain 5x5km
* Height is between 0 to 71, with the coastal cliffs as main geological formation
* 2 towns

Geographical description

Located in the English Channel, Omaha is a beach on the Normandy Department in North
France. The coast is near 5km long with sedimentary cliffs and a wide bocage landscape at
south. There is hardly any urbanization aside from little villages and a few farms.

Historical review

Omaha was the code name of one of the five sectors the Allies had to take in German-occupied
France in D-Day. The primary objective of this operation was to secure an area of 5 miles inland
from Omaha beach for it to become the joining point of the 7 th Army Corps, which was landing
at Utah, and the British Army, landing at Gold. The German forces of the LXXXIV Corps had
prepared vast defenses along the coast and also inland, making the advance very complicated.
The Allies chose very carefully which units to use in each wave to undermine the German
defenses and clear the way for the next one. In the US side, the battle-hardened 1 st Infantry
Division was sent to control the eastern half and the untested 29 th Infantry Division was sent to
take control of the western part of the beach along with nine companies of U.S. Army Rangers.
In the German side, the 352 nd Infantry Division and 439 th Ost-Battalion were tasked to stop the


* Area about 25km^2
* 1 meter heightmap resolution
* Terrain 5x5km (aprox.)
* Height is between 35m to 68m, with the plains as main landscape
* 1x castle ruins, 11x villages, 1x town, some farms

Geographical description

Near the coast of the English Channel, lies the town of Neaville. This French town
is part of a rural landscape, with plenty orchards and crop lands. A large portion
of the terrain is covered by bocage like country. Some ponds can be found near the
few villages around the main population center. The area is mainly flat, with
little to no slopes.

Historical review


Battle of the Bulge

* Area about 1km^2
* Terrain 1x1km (aprox.)
* Height is between 132m-169m
* 1x city, forest area

Geographical description

The map is a dense forest in most part, and the industrial city of Bastogne in
the south-east. The forest is covering a low height hill and spans most part of
the map.

Historical review

The Battle of the Bulge took place in December 1944 around the Belgian town of Bastogne,
located in the densely forested Ardennes region in Wallonia. It would become the theatre of the
III Reich’s last major counterattack, trying to isolate and later destroy four Allied armies at once
by taking the Belgian city of Antwerp, like Hitler did at the beginning of the war. Due to the
difficult weather conditions at the moment of the German attack in a weak point of the confident
Americans took them completely off guard and they sieged the town of Bastogne. Finally
General Patton arrived with his Third Army and the Wehrmacht could be stopped, and this
would cause massive losses on both sides, becoming one of the longest and bloodiest battles for
the Americans in the whole war. Around 22,800 men were involved as part of the Allied side
and more than 54,000 soldiers from the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and SS. This offensive was
called “Unternehmen Wacht Am Rhein” (Operation Watch on the Rhine), after the German
patriotic hymn Die Wacht am Rhein.

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With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
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Included files:

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Credits & Thanks:

Guy Thomas

Terrain authors

Omaha - ?
Buldge - Prowler
Neaville - McNools
Merderet - Macolik

kju is steffen.trombke on Steam

Fixed: world coordinates of Merderet and Bulge.
Changed: moved base surfaces definition to objects.
Changed: moved I44 ambience sounds for terrains to objects container.
Changed: moved I44 surface sounds for terrains to objects container.
Changed: moved I44 surfaces to a separate config file.
Improved: tweaked mud and beach maxSpeedCoef.
Fixed: grass had too much dust generated.

Changed: made AI no longer go prone in high clutter surfaces (AIAvoidStance=1/2).
Updated: Operation crossing point (adjusted I44 Merderet for KOTH 1944) by Remember Sega.
Fixed: removed non fitting jungle bird sounds near vegetation.

Changed: disabled crickets/cicadas next to bushed for all I44 terrains.
Fixed: buggy sun in I44 Winter terrains in specific light conditions.

Updated: authors for I44 Omaha thanks to Pac!

Changed: reverted terrain lighting for all I44 Winter terrains.

Added: custom lighting, skybox and horizont to I44 terrains thanks to Fabio Chavez!
Changed: tonemapMethod = 2 in I44 terrains (relates to above).
Improved: I44 terrains satmaps are now darker.
Improved: I44 surface textures are now darker.

Improved: sea now has tides I44 Omaha beach.

Updated: replaced objects with Winter variants in I44 Winter terrains.

Changed: set Winter surface sounds for Neaville Winter.
Changed: Winter grass surface sound for Merderet Winter to use snowgrass type.

Added: Merderet V3
- Added 4 new town areas, a canal door and a lot of minor details
- Some more heightmap edits
- Removed some of those huge rocks
- Replaced all I44 cobble textures with new high-res textures
- Added AI friendly roads + dirt road texture
- Flattened some road areas that needed it
- Removed gliders (mission asset)
- Small road sign position tweaks
- Fixed baguette missiles
Changed: renabled (adjusted) ambient life for terrains.
Changed: removed non fitting animals in ambient life for Winter terrains.
Changed: added eagle and crowes to ambient life thanks to Evil Organ!

Changed: I44 terrains use standard soundscape from A3 for now (removed CfgEnvSpatialSounds in I44World as its inherited from DefaultWorld).
Updated: soundSetEnvironment definition from Tanoa to DefaultWorld and disabled Greek Crickets in I44 terrains.
Changed: disabled Birds environment sounds for I44 Winter terrains.
Improved: I44 Omaha and Neaville ground textures are now using parallax technology.
Updated: unified world names of I44 terrains.
Updated: replaced foxhole model in I44 Merderet Winter.

v17 - 2017-03-07
Fixed: longitude and latitude for Colleville and Panovo thanks to Jegor!
Fixed: missing damage, class and map named properties in trench models.
Fixed: missing Land_ tag for trenches.
Fixed: missing name for Hata 1 Ruins.
Fixed: missing name for Mil Barracks and Shed M01.
Fixed: missing tag for trench classes.

v16 - 2017-02-19
Added: custom terrain lighting thanks to metalcraze!
Changed: improved terrain lighting thanks to Taro!
Updated: i44World configuration to APEX/Tanoa standards.
Updated: surface configuration to A3 standards.
Updated: environment sound configuration to APEX/Tanoa standards.
Updated: rebuilt terrains with TB, and SAT-MASK to A3 standards.
Updated: vegetation models to A3 standards.
Added: all terrain objects (buildings, objects, vegetation) to the editor.
Changed: redone data structure completely akin to better standards.
Changed: replaced duplicate A1/A2 data in favor of CUP Core.
Changed: improved a couple of model assets.
Added: author tag.
Added: picture maps for terrains (image in terrain selection and while loading).
Added: EditorPreview images.
Added: displayName to editor objects.
Added: mapSize parameter to terrains.
Added: missing fogHeight parameter.
Added: minHillsAltitude/maxHillsAltitude parameter as reference.
Changed: more requiredAddons[] dependencies to group the terrains in the 2d editor selection.
Added: new Thunderbolt sounds from APEX.
Changed: tweaked forest sounds to be less prevalent thanks to El Tyranos.
Improved: lowered forest ambient sound.
Fixed: missing distance parameter for a few EnvSounds.
Added: rubble footstep sound (roadway rubble texture).
Improved: roadway LOD (added soundstep textures).
Changed: soundHit from "hard_ground" to "soft_ground" for a few surfaces.
Changed: surfaces to use soundEnviron from APEX.
Changed: tagged custom soundEnviron parameters.
Added: armor named property in various models.
Added: viewdensitycoef named property in various models.
Added: default parameters to terrain base class.
Fixed: frequent named property in various models.
Changed: standardized Grid stepY to negative value as to A3 system.
Changed: disabled faulty airport for Merderet.
Changed: CfgSurfaces "files" entries to use lowercase for all characters (fixes missing clutter in game).
Changed: reverted Bulge data to A2 version.
Fixed: missing Land classes.
Fixed: missing Land tag to classes.
Fixed: duplicated some data to be available for I44 objects.
Improved: displayName wording.
Improved: tag/class naming.
Improved: made surface files use unique naming.
Improved: tagged clutter, surface and surfaceCharacters classes.
Improved: coding of Structures configs.
Improved: inheritance.
Improved: fire geometry LOD.
Improved: added shadow LODs.
Improved: added fire geometry materials.
Improved: Resolution LODs (better intermediate LOD).
Improved: Firegeometry LOD (added penetration material).
Improved: Shadowlod (better first LOD).
Changed: disabled midDetailTexture from 3rd party container (plr_bulge) - needs review.
Changed: disable obsolete pictureMap.
Changed: scope to public for ruins and some other terrain objects.
Changed: disabled outdated Ambient definitions.
Changed: disabled unused and faulty clutter model.
Changed: float value display.
Changed: tweaked Grid settings for Neaville.
Changed: renamed classes with unique type tag.
Changed: moved layers rvmat and paa to standard Data\Layers\ subfolder.
Changed: I44_hrt1p.p3d to use a new dirt rvmat.
Changed: disabled I44_Omaha - V2 version is more complete in any way.
Changed: replace spaces in files names with underscore character.
Changed: disable infinite terrain for now.
Changed: disable definition of existing class (in IFA3).
Updated: class names to reflect p3d names.
Changed: disabled custom icon.
Fixed: wrp name = world class name.
Fixed: Strange convex component22 & component23 in ww2_i44_terrains\structures_m\i44_objects_misc_m\i44_guard_post_1.p3d:geometry.
Fixed: missing geometry LOD.
Fixed: wrong texture name "mb_c_grassLush01_no.paa".
Fixed: roadway textures and firegeometry materials.
Fixed: strange colors in Ardenne house models by binarizing them again.
Fixed: minTreesInForestSquare and minRocksInRockSquare have to be defined in each terrain class to be found by binarize in all cases.
Fixed: geolod information in file header.
Fixed: merged near points * technical LODs cleanup in I44_hrt1p.p3d.
Fixed: Ardennen houses transparency.
Fixed: ww2_i44_terrains\worlds_r\surfaces_r\i44_omaha\i44_omaha_dry.rvmat: Unknown vertex shader id=0x80000000.
Fixed: container location of world configs.
Fixed: disable ladders in specific models.
Fixed: missing classes for models with class=house and class=streetlamp.
Fixed: missing classes for models with class=house.
Fixed: location naming to A3 standard.
Fixed: renamed p3d to have I44 tag.
Fixed: scope configuration.
Fixed: scope value.
Fixed: path to surface texture.
Fixed: file type from tga to paa.
Fixed: disabled midDetailTexture from Chernarus.
Fixed: missing pictureShot for I44_Omaha.
Fixed: removed faulty mass named property in a few models.
Fixed: added dummy ils parameters until CUP inheritance of PLR_Buldge is adjusted.
Fixed: missing p3d extensions.
Fixed: missing wss extensions.
Improved: church models and textures.
Improved: church MLODs * fixed faulty resolution LODs (base and part2) * closed shadow LODs.
Changed: disabled church's destruction effect.
Changed: damage=no in church's geometry LODs.
Fixed: faulty proxy path in Church's tower.
Fixed: path to church.bisurf.
Fixed: church's models bad tagg count.
Fixed: missing church.bisurf file.
Fixed: some missing church's textures.
Updated: units[] in cfgPatches.
Updated: units[] and requiredAddons[] in cfgPatches.
Improved: cfgPatches headers.
Improved: config inheritance design.
Updated: world inheritance design.
Fixed: EnvSounds inheritance design.
Fixed: class Church inheritance.
Changed: merged configs into new containers.
Added: prefix to new containers.
Added: configs to new containers.
Changed: renamed folder name to non special characters.
Changed: moved mb_* data to correct container.
Changed: rename 0ca\ to ca\ paths.
Updated: moved files to new prefix and folder structure.
Updated: path in rvmat to new prefix and folder structure.
Updated: path in wrp to new prefix and folder structure.
Updated: path in p3d to new prefix and folder structure.
Updated: path in configs to new prefix and structure.
Removed: duplicated models from CUP.
Removed: deprecated models.
Removed: unused rvmats.
Removed: obsolete custom CfgVehicleClasses.
Removed: faulty and obsolete model.
Removed: outdated 0ca data.

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