Invasion 1944 Terrains in Arma 3
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kju released an updated version of the Invasion 1944 Terrains which he to Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is an official port authorized by I44 team members (canukausiuka and GuyThomas).

    • Merderet:
        Merderet is a river which crosses the Cotentin Peninsula from South to North.
        The meanders of the Merderet river are the main geomorphological unit on the zone,
        aside from the hills. The north part is covered by forest, and ruled by a medieval
        castle named "Châteu de Bossom". The main urban area is Chef Du Pont, surrounded
        by some little villages and their tillage lands. In the South of the map lies
        the ruins of "Châteu de Guy-Son". Chef Du Pont is between the Utah and Omaha beaches.
    • Omaha:
        Located in the English Channel, Omaha is a beach on the Normandy Department in North
        France. The coast is near 5km long with sedimentary cliffs and a wide bocage landscape at
        south. There is hardly any urbanization aside from little villages and a few farms.
    • Neaville:
        Near the coast of the English Channel, lies the town of Neaville. This French town
        is part of a rural landscape, with plenty orchards and crop lands. A large portion
        of the terrain is covered by bocage like country. Some ponds can be found near the
        few villages around the main population center. The area is mainly flat, with
        little to no slopes.
    • Battle of the Bulge:
        The map is a dense forest in most part, and the industrial city of Bastogne in
        the south-east. The forest is covering a low height hill and spans most part of
        the map.

    • Fixed: longitude and latitude for Colleville and Panovo thanks to Jegor!
    • Fixed: missing damage, class and map named properties in trench models.
    • Fixed: missing Land_ tag for trenches.
    • Fixed: missing name for Hata 1 Ruins.
    • Fixed: missing name for Mil Barracks and Shed M01.
    • Fixed: missing tag for trench classes.

Written on 2017-03-07 07:24 by Armaholic  

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