G.O.S Song Bin Tanh 2.0 (APEX) by GOS_Makhno
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GOS_Makhno released his G.O.S Song Bin Tanh 2.0 (APEX) on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a new version of the terrain with APEX vegetation and modified ground textures.

    You should not run the older version and this one at the same time as they share some configuration parameters.

    I had to use proxies during terrain creation and as a result some objects might be misplaced (on roads, coliding with buildings or too high/low) it's difficult to do better until BIS
    releases the ressources for terrain building.

    The map is 15 x 15 km of dense jungle with many major and smaller rivers.

    I made this map to do recon/sabotage/COIN missions, like SOG or LRRP did in vietnam. also like the SAS intervention in Borneo.

    Throw away your GPS, and enjoy good old map and compass navigation.

Written on 2017-03-07 10:31 by Armaholic  

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