Author: juvka
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Requirements: Bozcaada
Island(s): Bozcaada
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.0

Date: 2017-03-08 20:28

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Battle Royale with AI (Bozcaada)


- 64 Bots (paradropping) - 32 Red and 32 Green faiting between fractions and all of them against player
- Random paradrop for player
- 50 randomly spawning vehicles
- Loot script from Loot system (for saving fps loot will spawn around player in 300m radius by calling Radio Alpha (0-0-1 in game)
- Alive units counter (Radio Juliet (0-0-0 in game))
- Remodeled ear plugs from Simple Earplugs (Radio Bravo (0-0-2 in game)
- Jump (2xC) from Realistic Jumping/Running Vault Script [BETA]
- No stamina
- AI will die if they are not in the circle in about 4 minutes (if AI reached the circle it will stay alive)
- Health Bar from Health Status Bar
- Kill ticker from Basic killticker [ALPHA]

Place the whole folder in "Documents/Arma 3/missions/"

In game:
Editor/ Scenario Open / AIBattleRoyal Bozcaada

was tested on Arma 3 v.1.62 with addon Bozcaada v. 1.1.1

Known Issues:
-Sometimes circle appears in bottom-left corner, in this case you need to restart the mission

- Bozcaada

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