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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.0

Short description: Basically it is trying to hold the attitute when it is turned on but let's you to still to adjust speed, do pitch, yaw and roll.

Date: 2017-06-05 17:56

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Devas Autopilot


This time I am releasing a script not for the benefit of mission makers but for players. It is working like the "Pitch Altitude Hold" setup which can be found for instance by F-16s (can be seen below "F-16 Autopilot Controls").
Basically it is fixing the altitude when it is turned on but still let's you to adjust speed, do pitch, yaw and roll.

Mod version of this script can be found here: Devas Autopilot Mod

Fixes the altitude to the sea level altitude when the autopilot is activated (will be referred as initial altitude)
Gives possibility to pilot to adjust speed, pitch, yaw and roll angles while autopilot is open. Autopilot returns airplane to initial altitude after control is released back
Autopilot automatically turns off when
Speed below minimum speed based on landing speed. In case of helicopters minimum speed is 40 kmh
Engine is damaged
Roll angle is above maximums 35° (only for helicopters)
Pitch angle is above maximums which is 20° for helicopters and 50° for fixed-wings
Gives autopilot functionality to every air vehicle at mission start automatically
Only pilot can turn it on/off
For spawned airplanes and helicopters autopilot functionality should be given via following command for each player in the game locally
[this] spawn DEVAS_AutoPilotEnable;

Installation / Usage:
For usage instructions and information of how to use the Devas Autopilot please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

The Devas Autopilot example mission can be downloaded from here:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Future plans:
Other autopilot setups by fighter jets, i.e. fix attitute
AC-130 loiter functionality

Credits & Thanks:
Chronicsilence for his matrix function library

Added: Loiter functionality to airplanes
Added: Speed fix for helicopters
Added: Pitch will be adjusted to -5° by helicopters automatically
Tweaked: Pitch limit by helicopters is increased to 25°
Tweaked: +-10° is the band where helicopters are fixing their speed. Pitch angles outside of this band can be used to alter speed
Added: Rudder will turn off autopilot by helicopters

Added: Co-Pilots can enable the autopilot if they take the control
Added: Switch sound when autopilot is engaged or disengaged
Tweaked: Give more freedom to adjust the speed of helicopters when autopilot is on

Added: Roll and pitch angle limits
Added: Maximum speed limit
Tweaked: Minimum speed is increased to turn on the autopilot is increased to 40 kmh in case their landing speed is below that (i.e. helicopters)
Tweaked: From now on it will not fix the pitch to 0° but also will keep the initial altitude, this means if you climb or dive while autopilot is on with a fixed-wing aircraft after you release the controls it will take you back to initial altitude
Fixed: Helicopters will not be able to fly upside down anymore

Added: Autopilot functionality for helicopters
Tweaked: Autopilot will turn off if engine is stopped and will not show up before engine starts
Fixed: It will not disappear from action menu after take off for some planes

Fixed: Autopilot not showing in some airplanes
Tweaked: Minimum speed of automatic turn off set based on landing speed of airplane

Initial version

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- BI forums

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