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DirtySanchez released an updated version of his DP Build Everything Arma on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    2300 + buildable items for any arma 3 scenario, mission, SP, MP or editor FUN!
    eXpoch Vector Building system Lite
    -Build from inventory (Double Click item)
    -Remove built object (Left-Windows key)
    -Object Snapping (NumberPad 0)
    -PhysX toggle (NumberPad 3)

    If you have seen it on Altis, Stratis or Tanoa in Arma 3, I am 99.9% sure its in here.
    Everything from Helpers, VR, Buildings, Military to PopUp Targets and SilverWare.
    We even have every Shoot House and every Karts track piece, nothing was left out!

    The list is so long I can not put it up here, instead its included in the mod in a neat list.
    Everything was made into a CfgMagazine and the built objects into CfgVehicles.
    This is a long going idea that has had many renditions and evolved with me over the last few years.
    The original addon release was labeled as DonkeyPunch Addon for Exile in December of 2015.
    This release is for the entire ArmA 3 community to be able to use at their pleasure.
    If there are any milsims, mods or missions that would like help incorporating this into their work, give me a jingle.

    • Fixed: Original Arma 3 crates still had their inventory. Clear through configs.
    • Fixed: Did the same to all Sling Load Pods and Containers
    • Cleaned up: Many crates had items with no picture. This is due to no editor preview available from arma 3. Changed most to Prop.jpg or alternative
    • Added: New Menu for spawning crates. Hit CTRL+B to open the menu. Click a crate and click the spawn crate button below!
    • Added: Optional AddAction scroll wheel to open the menu
    • Added: Ability to turn off the crate menu should you run this on MP / Coop / Scenarios (readme for more info)

Written on 2017-03-16 10:07 by Armaholic  

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